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Registration of an NGO’s affiliate in Ukraine - Legal services in Kiev

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Cost and duration of registration of foreign NGO's affiliate

Our firm provides services of registration of non-governmental organizations (public or charitable) affiliates in Ukraine.

Cost - negotiable

Term of service provision - 30 business days



What we do
  • advising a Client on peculiarities of establishment of organizations affiliates in Ukraine
  • preparation of complete accreditation documents set
  • direct support of registration related actions

Required documents for NGO's affiliate registration

  • Copy of a document that proves registration of a NGO in the state of origin (legalized and translated into Ukrainian);
  • Copies of charter documents of a foreign NGO establishing a unit in Ukraine (legalized and translated into Ukrainian);
  • Copies of unit manager’ documents (ordinary copies).
Other documents are drafted by lawyers of our firm and sent to a Client for approval and signing.
Important to know
  • Since 2013 the accreditation of non-governmental organizations affiliates will be performed in accordance with the new NGO law of Ukraine (including charitable organizations);
  • Accreditation of the mentioned units will be performed by the State Registration Service of Ukraine;
  • Completion of accreditation is certified by state accreditation certificate;
  • Unit may either have its own charter (regulations) or conduct its activities without it.
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Procedure of service provision for NGO's affiliate registration

Our firm primarily analyzes the situation and Client’s request after which we propose the cost of legal support. The next step is signing of agreement, making payment for our service and provision of all the required documents to the firm.

After this our lawyers:

1. Draft all registration documents;

2. Provide final versions for signing;

3. After obtainment of all signed documents our firm supports all registration actions;

4. Pass accreditation certificate and registered charter (regulations) to a Client along with signing of Act of Acceptance.

If you are interested in services of our firm, contact us.

Our firm also provides legal support of registration of public and charitable organizations in Ukraine.

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