License for cargo transportation, transportation of dangerous goods

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The Freight Transport License
License for cargo transportation, transportation of dangerous goods
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What we offer

  • Advise the Client on all issues related to the preparation of documents for obtaining a license for cargo transportation, dangerous goods, etc.;
  • Develop a package of documents to be submitted to the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety, prepare an application and statements;
  • Submit documents to the licensing authority by proxy, and get the license within the agreed time.
  • In addition, our lawyers can help you:
  • Prepare draft agreements with the road transport industry for medical and technical examination, parking, etc.;
  • Find counterparties to sign the above agreements;
  • License your employee to conduct pre- and post-trip medical examinations of drivers (in this case, you need to get a separate Medical License of the Ministry of Health).





Required documents for cargo license

List of documents
Copy or scan of extract from the USREOU
Copy or scan of extract from the USREOU
Registration certificate and temporary registration cards for vehicles
Registration certificate and temporary registration cards for vehicles
Agreement with the MTE or diplomas of own medical workers and mechanics
Agreement with the MTE or diplomas of own medical workers and mechanics

As a rule, we conclude an agreement with the Client, specifying all the points concerning the process of service provision.

It is extremely important that the Client provides all the necessary documents in time, as this affects the speed of obtaining the Freight Transport License.

The price of our services for obtaining a Freight Transport License depends on a number of factors:

  • Do you need tootain the license for an individual entrepreneur or for a legal entity?
  • How many vehicles do you have?
  • Do you need us to develop an agreement and/or find contractors for vehicle storage (parking) services, pre- and post-trip medical examinations of drivers, technical inspection and repair of vehicles?
  • What types of transportation are licensed: transportation of dangerous goods in Ukraine and abroad (the ADR license) or international transportation of ordinary goods?

In addition, you will need to pay an official state fee in the amount of one living wage for able-bodied people.

Our company can help those carriers who need an agreement with a motor transport enterprise (parking, medical examination, repair and maintenance), find a suitable contractor.

Analysis and improvement of the existing agreement with the motor transport enterprise (MTE) is UAH 2,500.

We are located in Kyiv in close proximity to the licensing authority, which allows us to quickly respond to any requests of the authority. At the same time, our Clients are carriers from all over Ukraine.

Our company has already helped to obtain the Freight Transport License for Clients from Odesa, Kharkiv, Poltava, Ivano-Frankivsk regions, the city of Kyiv, etc.

Why us

Fixed service price
Fixed service price
By understanding the scope of services needed for a particular project from the very beginning (based on our previous years of experience), we can offer an adequate price that will not change during our cooperation.
Minimization of the clients’ time investment
Minimization of the clients’ time investment
While working on an order, our lawyers try to bother Clients only when it is strictly necessary, and independently solve most issues, including communication with the licensing authority.
Assistance in search of the motor transportation enterprise
Assistance in search of the motor transportation enterprise
For those Clients who need to conclude an agreement with the motor transportation enterprise, our company can not only develop documents, but also help find a real contractor who will sign such agreements, and will be able to provide all relevant services: parking, medical examination, technical inspection and repair.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Period for obtaining the License for Freight Transport and their types

The period for obtaining the Freight Transport License is up to 1 month.

This period does not include the preparatory stage, during which we are waiting for the documents from the Client.

Types of freight transportations subject to licensing:

  1. Transportation of dangerous goods;
  2. Transportation of hazardous wastes;
  3. International transport of goods.

The peculiarities of the first two types are that the driver must have a "C", "C1", "CE", "C1E" category of certificate, work experience of at least 3 years, and the experience of transportation of these categories of goods in the domestic market at least 1 year. The minimum age for the driver is 21 years.

The peculiarity of international carriage of goods is that the driver must have a "C", "C1", "CE", "C1E" category of certificate, and experience in domestic carriage must be at least 1 year.

Requirements to the driver’s age:

  • at least 18 years for vehicles with maximum weight not exceeding 7.5 tons, and professional education in the motor vehicle driver specialty;
  • 21 years for drivers of all other vehicles.

What do you need to know about the Freight Transport License?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Freight Transport License has no expiration date. That is, you do not have to think about its extension.

The license can be suspended in the following cases:

  • receipt of a cancellation request from the licensee;
  • cancellation of the license by the regulatory authorities as a penalty for violation of license conditions and other legal requirements;
  • changes in the legislation regulating the validity period of the Freight Transport License.

Please note! Despite the fact that a license is not limited for a certain period of time, it does not mean that you can forget about the licensing authority for good. It is obligatory to inform the licensing authority about any changes in the documents that were submitted when obtaining the license. The licensee shall have 30 days to notify the licensing authority of such changes.

The Dangerous Goods Transport License In Ukraine 

When obtaining this type of license for transportation, it is important to remember that vehicles used to transport dangerous goods shall pass an obligatory check, based on which you will obtain the Certificate of admission of the car to the transportation of dangerous goods.

Moreover, the driver of the vehicle must receive clear instructions in case of any unforeseen situation - accident or emergency.

Not any driver will be allowed to work on such a vehicle, but only the driver who has obtained a special Certificate of Training.
A separate licensing requirement is the full or part-time employment of an authorized person (consultant) for the safety of transport of dangerous goods.

How to get the Freight Transport License with the lawyer’s assistance?

Our lawyers have been working in the field of obtaining all kinds of permits for over 13 years. Our Clients include many carriers in Ukraine.

We guarantee you:

  • Simple solutions. We are here to solve your issue simply. After getting your request, we will be able to find and offer you the best solution.
  • Comfort. All consultations can be held online. You will get your personal client manager, who will keep you informed about all events and progress of the case.
  • Fixed service price. We will not enhance reputation and beat around the bush. Having clarified all the subtle aspects of your case and the expected result, we will tell you a fixed price for our service. This price will be set in the agreement and will not rise anymore.

If you want to get the Freight Transport License quickly and easily, don’t hesitate to call us!

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