Casino license (gaming license) in Ukraine

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Gambling License
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Casino license (gaming license) in Ukraine
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What we offer

  • Help you choose the most suitable type of the license for your business;
  • Prepare and review all the necessary documents to get a gambling license;
  • File and support the license file at the authorized authority for obtaining the casino license;
  • Advise on gambling activities, offer the best plan of work;
  • Analyze the documents provided by the Client;
  • Advise on the avoidance of obtaining a Gambling License, when allowed by law;
  • Organize the payment of the official license fee;
  • Advise on further activities of the firm (by agreement);
  • Provide assistance with certification of equipment needed for gambling;
  • Help with connection to online monitoring system;
  • Provide assistance in obtaining a domain name and registration of the corresponding trademark.


Documents required

List of documents
Copies of Articles of Association
Copies of Articles of Association
Auditor’s opinion
Auditor’s opinion
Document on the use of the premises (agreement/certificate, etc.)
Document on the use of the premises (agreement/certificate, etc.)

Our lawyers can provide you with the full list of documents after the introductory consultation, and depending on the specific activity that you intend to engage in. After all, each Gambling License for Ukraine casino has its own list of documents required for submission.

Common documents for all types of licenses are as follows:

  • The company’s Articles of Association;
  • An extract from the Unified State Register;
  • A special auditor’s opinion (we can help find and provide contacts of the necessary auditors);
  • Documents confirming the origin of money in the authorized share capital of the company. (The most common is a financial report);
  • A document confirming the compliance of the premises with the licensing regulations;
  • A document confirming the right to use the .UA domain.

As for the other documents, they are individual for each license and are provided during consultation or order execution.

Service packages offers

from 100 USD
  • Oral consultation with a lawyer on the conduct of gambling activities in Ukraine (online and offline)
  • Basic advice on licensing gambling activities (online and offline)
  • Information about the licensing process and our services in this area
Road map
Road map
from 900 USD
  • Analysis of documents and the situation of the Client
  • Written consultation with a description of the step-by-step process for obtaining a license and missing documents
  • Written consultation with answers to previously prepared questions of the Client
  • Step-by-step algorithm of actions to achieve the goals set by the Client
from 200 000 UAH
  • Analysis of documents and the situation of the Client
  • Obtaining a license and all missing documents to legalize the gambling business
  • Development and assistance in organizing internal documents and processes necessary for running a gambling business
  • Legal support in the consideration of permits in KRAIL (UGLC)

Today, there are eleven types of Gambling Licences, including:

  1. License for indoor casino;
  2. License for online casino;
  3. Bookmaker License;
  4. Slot Machine License;
  5. Online Poker License;
  6. Roulette License;
  7. Bookmaker’s Office License;
  8. Single Slot Machine License;
  9. General Gambling License;
  10. Hippodrome Totalizator License;
  11. Investment License.

With regard to official, annual payments and payment deadlines, each license is quite individual and has its own amounts and deadlines. 

Obtaining a Gambling License is the final stage of work, and until then it is necessary to obtain a number of other documents, such as: 

  • a document that confirms the compliance of the game room with the licensing regulations; 
  • the certificate confirming the compliance of the game equipment with the requirements of the licensing regulations, etc.

How to get your gaming license?

We can provide both a full legal support of the gambling business startup, and perform a specific action required by the Client, for example, obtaining a license or certifying the equipment.

Of course, in the case of ordering a set of works on the launch of gambling business, all actions will be carried out much faster, because several lawyers will work on the project simultaneously. However, this is impossible when ordering one specific action.

Why us

Extensive experience working with commissions in the field of finance
Extensive experience working with commissions in the field of finance
We have been working on the permitting documents market for many years, so we have extensive experience working with similar regulatory authorities, for example, we have a very well-developed practice of licensing financial institutions (former National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets) and the practice of licensing the energy business (the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities of Ukraine).
Performing the work from start to finish
Performing the work from start to finish
Deep legal expertise allows us to perform a complex of works starting from the creation of the company, and ending with the commissioning of your game room, along with all equipment, and obtaining other permits.

We are ready to help you!

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Obtaining a online casino license or getting a gaming license is not the first or the last step for your business, this type of business activity includes a large number of parallel and related questions, which you should find answers for

For example: 

  • Who can be a player in your gambling establishment? 
  • How much is a gaming license?
  • How to organize the process of personal data processing in the gambling establishment in order not to violate the current legislation? 
  • What are the requirements for the staff of the casino/gaming establishment? 
  • How to get casino license right now?
  • What additional documents shall the institution have, which are not related to licensing activities, such as documents confirming the right to use the website, or the personal data processing policy, visitor log, etc.

Answers to frequently asked questions

When should I start getting a Gambling License?

In fact, if you think about starting a business in the field of gambling, then it’s worth beginning the work a year before the desired start date, because according to law, this type of business requires a domain name, which can be registered only if you have a trademark. And the TM registration takes at least a year (we can accelerate this process, but this time still need to be considered in your business plan). In addition, as a rule, it takes several months to find the necessary premises for the casino, as well as to purchase / certify equipment, install and commission it.

How often and how much do I have to pay for gambling activities?

The official license payment is made once a year. Its amount is calculated based on the minimum wage as of January 1 of each year.

Do you need a Gambling License?

If you do not have at least one of the following features in your activities:
Availability of a bet;

  • Availability or inability to receive the prize;
  • Opportunity to win depends on chance.

Then your activity most likely does not fall under the definition of gambling, and therefore is not subject to licensing. In this regard, before starting your own business in the field of gambling, you should consult with the lawyers of our company on the need for a license.

If You want to obtain a casino liscence - call us!

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