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  • we advise on obtaining a license to carry out online education;
  • we analyze the documents available to the Client, including whether the premises are suitable for opening a school in it;
  • we help in the development of an educational program for the school online;
  • if necessary, we help in obtaining permits for the premises (act from firefighters, withdrawal of the State Consumer Service);
  • we prepare and send documents to the Client for signature, submit them to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • we monitor the status of consideration of the case by the Ministry and keep the Client informed of the situation.


Documents for obtaning the online school lisence

List of documents
Scan copy of the extract from the Unified State Register
Copy of the Charter
Copies of documents for the premises (confirming the right of ownership or use and the technical passport)

Who needs a license for an online school in Ukraine?

A license to teach lessons online will be needed if you plan to issue your students with official documents for obtaining certain levels of education. In other cases, a license is optional.

Important! Teaching lessons online does not mean that a school can operate without a building. In this case, the requirements for issuing a license still provide for the availability of premises, including for hosting the school's servers.

Requirements for curricula remain the same as for obtaining a regular education license for a school - their development in our company is an additional service.

We invite you to start communication regarding the opening of a school online with the consultation "Roadmap". Its cost in our company is from 500 USD. You will receive information regarding the process that you will need to go through, instructions on how to achieve the goal and a legal analysis of the success of the plan.

The price of obtaining the Online School License depends on many factors, such as the number of educational programs.

The price of our services does not include the official fee, as well as obtaining permits (for example, a firefighter’s certificate and a certificate from the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection), as it is considered separate independent services.

The period of obtaining the Online School License is on average 4-6 months.

Note: During the quarantine period it is difficult to tell the clearly defined time limits, because the meetings of the licensing commission are held irregularly and everything changes quickly. Our lawyers will be able to determine the period of obtaining the Online School License for you, based on the situation.

In addition to the documents mentioned above, you will need copies of teachers’ diplomas and financial report for the previous year, information about material and technical base, as well as about educational and informational support.

Why us

Specialists who can take care of the entire process
Our specialists can take on legal support of the entire process of opening an online school in Ukraine: from the idea of its opening, to obtaining the license. People, who are going to open an educational institution, often do not fully understand where to start and what to expect.
We are trusted by companies with well-known names
For more than fourteen years of legal practice, we have gained a good reputation among our Clients, many of whom are well-known brands. So you can be sure that we are not the company established yesterday.

We are ready to help you!

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In addition to the documents mentioned above, you will need copies of teachers’ diplomas and financial report for the previous year, information about material and technical base, as well as about educational and informational support.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why shall I submit the financial report for the previous year when applying for the license and what if the legal entity is a newly created one?

Indeed, a copy of the financial report is required according to the list of documents to be submitted for the license. But there is a note that it is submitted in the case of statutory requirement for it. Therefore, the financial report is not the main item in the list of documents.

What is the minimum number of teachers to work for an online school?

As mentioned above, the main requirement for an online school, like for any other school, is the possibility for students to receive education according to the state standard. Therefore, there should be as many teachers as necessary for the implementation of the curriculum, which shall be developed before obtaining the Online School License.

Legal services for obtaining the Online School License in Ukraine

After reaching an agreement with the Client on the terms and price of the company’s services related to obtaining the license, a legal services agreement is concluded by and between our company and the Client. If necessary, the first stage of cooperation can be a consultation with a lawyer, where the Client is explained the key requirements, including for the premises. Thus, many people mistakenly think that it is not worth bothering over the premises for the online school. Although this issue has actually some peculiarities, in particular, special attention is paid to the fire resistance of the server room. Before applying for the license, you will need to get the appropriate inspection report from the firefighters and the conclusion of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

As soon as we receive the documents ready and signed by the Client, our employees submit them to the licensing authority.

After the licensing authority makes a decision to issue the license, we provide the Client with details to pay the state fee.

The licensee must keep original bank receipt for the duration of the license.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in obtaining Educational Licenses of various types, so if you want to open an online school in Ukraine, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will provide you with all the necessary information and obtain the Online School License for you.

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