Do i need a license for online school?

During the quarantine period, the shift to online learning became widespread among educational institutions, making the opening of online schools more relevant than ever. This topic remains significant today, especially given the ongoing war situation. However, it's important to note that establishing your institution as a school capable of granting diplomas requires specific authorization — an Education License. In this context, let's discuss the process of opening an online school in Ukraine and the specific requirements involved.

If you're ready to pursue licensing for your educational activities, we're prepared to be your trusted partner. Drawing on our experience in this field and deep knowledge of legislation and procedures, we can guide you through the process efficiently and effectively, avoiding any potential pitfalls. We'll provide comprehensive advice on required documents and regulations, offering professional support at every stage. With us, you can be confident in obtaining your Educational License on the first attempt. Your success is our success, and we take full responsibility for achieving it.

Is the license mandatory for the online school?

Yes. Unlike, for example, massage courses, where you can either issue documents about completion of the training, or not issue and teach people massage “for themselves”, the school must not only provide the appropriate level of knowledge, but also the document on completion of educational level.

Carrying out educational activity without a license is illegal.

What are the requirements for an online school to obtain the license?

What are the requirements for an online school to obtain a license?

Any school, even if it is an online school, shall provide students with the opportunity to master the curriculum according to the state standard. The lack of need for large classes and a gym is perhaps the only significant difference between an online school and a regular school.

Special attention is paid to the room where the servers will be stored. We can name, for example, the following requirements to the server room of the online school:

  • It must be fireproof;
  • It is desirable that the wall covering, floor, ceiling be made of non-combustible materials.
  • A certain distance between servers must be observed;
  • Before starting work, it will be necessary to obtain a report from the firefighters on the compliance of the room with fire regulations and the Conclusion of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

As for the staffing requirements and requirements for the head (director) of the online school, they are absolutely identical to the staffing requirements for a regular school. We talked about them in one of our publications.

The number of teachers and their wage rates are determined based on the number of hours in the curriculum. Thus, first you need to develop the curriculum and plan, and then to select the teachers according to these documents.

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How do you ensure that your online school operates legally?

The concept of “online school” is not yet enshrined at the state level. Any activity on rendering of educational services is subject to licensing, however the licensing regulations are not yet adjusted to the challenges of our time, and there is not a word about online school or distance learning for general education school.

Therefore, when obtaining the license, we use the analogy of the legislation, the rationality of the approach of assessment of the licensee, in particular with regard to its ability to ensure the educational process.

Our lawyers will help you prepare all the documents so that the licensing authority does not have any questions to them. We can also advise you during the planning phase of your online school, which will help you avoid wasting time and money.

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