Tobacco Wholesale Trade License

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Tobacco Wholesale Trade License
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What we offer

The first stage:
  • Collect and prepare the documents necessary to obtain a license for the wholesale tobacco trade;
  • We analyze and advise the Client on the available documents;

The second stage:

  • Submit documents to the licensing authority and monitor the case prior to the decision to issue a license;
  • support the case review by the licensing authority and resolve problematic situations (if any)

Stage three:

  • we receive a paper confirmation of the issue of the license for tobacco trade and send it to the Client;
  • if necessary, we accompany the further activity of the company.  


Documents required for obtaining the license

List of documents
Copy of the abstract from the Unified Register of Enterprises and Organizations
Document confirming the right to use premises
Document confirming payment of the license fee
The list of documents may differ depending on each individual case. Our lawyers will analyze all your documents and tell you what you need to do to speed up the process of obtaining the license and, if necessary, will help you with this.

Service packages offers

15 000 UAH
  • Advising on the necessary documents for obtaining a tobacco license
  • Analysis of documents available to the Client
  • Preparation of the application and the whole package of documents for obtaining a tobacco license
  • Preparation of details for payment of the license fee
  • Filing and monitoring of the case and the availability of a decision on the issuance of a license by our lawyers
  • Registration of up to 3 storage places for wholesale consignments of tobacco products
20000 UAH
  • Advising on choosing the most optimal type of license for tobacco business
  • Analysis of documents available to the Client
  • Preparation of the application and the whole package of documents for obtaining a license
  • Preparation of details for the license fee
  • Submission of documents and monitoring of the case and the availability of a decision on the issuance of a license
  • Registration from 3 places of storage of wholesale parties of tobacco products
Road map
300 USD
  • Development of an optimal business model for conducting activities in the field of tobacco trade with an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages in the economic, legal, tax, corporate, licensing aspects
  • Preparation of an extended written consultation on starting a tobacco wholesale business
  • Explanation of the best algorithm for starting a business

Legal advice on obtaining a wholesale tobacco trade licence

If you want to understand how the whole process of obtaining a license for wholesale sale of tobacco in Ukraine goes, we recommend you to ask our lawyers for an introductory consultation.

During the introductory consultation a lawyer will answer the questions about the tobacco license that are of interest to you and provide advice based on your particular situation. We aim to help you achieve your objectives as quickly and easily as possible, so we explain everything simply and in detail.

During the introductory consultation our lawyer:

  • Will analyse the documents you have and provide a list of the missing ones if necessary.

  • Will answer basic questions about the specifics of the process of obtaining a wholesale tobacco trade licence.

  • Will provide the best course of action depending on your situation.

The cost of introductory consultation in our company starts from 2500 UAH. If you will obtain a license for wholesale trade of tobacco with us, this amount will be included in the price of the main service.

If you have questions about starting a business and need help with developing a business model, we recommend the Road Map package.

You shall pay the official fee in the amount of UAH 500,000.00 until the license is issued. After that the State Fiscal Service makes a decision to issue a license within 10 days upon the receipt of all documents.

The license is valid for 5 years.

The license fee must be paid annually.

We can also assist you in obtaining the Alcohol Wholesale Trade License.

We can help you not only to set up and license your business, but also to organize its further activities. Our services include optimization of tax burden, checking of contractors, development and analysis of product supply agreements.

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Extensive experience and deep legal expertise
There are no questions that our Company cannot answer. We will make you feel completely safe.
Exterritorility and speed of service delivery
We can help you prepare documents regardless of your location. Most of our Clients are from the regions and we developed the most simple and effective procedure for obtaining licenses for them.

We are ready to help you!

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Liability for trading tobacco without a license

The Law of Ukraine establishes liability for conducting business without a license.

The amount of penalty is calculated as a percentage of one batch of tobacco products, namely - 200%. If the batch is small and costs very little, the amount should be not less than UAH 17,000.00.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Are there any requirements for the place of the wholesale trade of tobacco products?

Yes. You must have a warehouse. To confirm the right to use the premises, you shall submit a photo of the premises and the lease agreement (sublease agreement) or documents confirming your ownership rights.

Should I register the place of trade in the register of tobacco storage locations?

A place of trade shall be registered only if it differs from the place of business specified in the license.

Tobacco trading is a promising business sector, but in order to properly organize this business, you need to carefully prepare all documents and undergo each stage of registration.

How can our lawyers assist you with obtaining a Tobacco Wholesale Trade License?

We have been working in the legal services market for over 10 years. Our lawyers specialize in obtaining permits of any type. We have also developed our own quality standard. What does it mean for you? 

  • Reliability. If we undertake the task, it will be solved. Immediately and without driving up the price.
  • Simplicity. We are not trying to artificially complicate the task. Our key goal is to provide you with the simplest possible solution of any issue. Moreover, we not only find this solution, but also explain it to the Client to the maximum extent possible, in order to make the whole process understandable.
  • Efficiency. Extensive experience and knowledge of our lawyers in various fields of law allow us to develop the most effective solution of your problem.
  • Variability. If your task does not fall under the standard procedure, but requires complex knowledge and skills - we can address it as well.

If you want to get more information, or order the service for obtaining the Tobacco Wholesale Trade License - call us!

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