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In this publication we will elaborate on legal and accounting support of medical businesses. Our Clients include a lot of clinics and doctors, who we help to obtain a Medical License, and continue our close cooperation for many years by providing legal support of their business.

Legal support of health care facilities is a complex of legal, accounting and consulting services, which contribute to the proper operation of the medical business.

Any type of business is associated with the need to act within the law, adhering to the norms of economic, administrative, civil, labor, tax and corporate law. 

It’s difficult and time-consuming process to make head of all the intricacies of Ukrainian legislation. And such efforts are often useless. In fact, to know exactly what to do in this or that situation, you need to have a deep expertise and accumulated skills in the relevant area .

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What are the types of legal support of the medical business and what to expect?

If you are aware of the usefulness of legal support for your medical business, you can sign a corresponding agreement with a law firm. Such an agreement may include, for example, protection against discrepancies in the terms and conditions of agreements for supply of medical equipment, insurance agreements against accidents and heavy tax burden, etc.

What is included in the Legal Support Agreement?

  • Solving labor issues;
  • Consulting on application of legislation and practical aspects of business issues;
  • Expertise and development of various types of agreements (e.g., agreement for medical services or works);
  • Preparing procedural documents, claims and lawsuits;
  • Obtaining and making changes in the license documents of the company’s employees;
  • Ensuring secure transactions for purchasing equipment, expendable materials, components;
  • Development of normative internal documentation;
  • Communication with state authorities and contractors;
  • Ensuring proper records management;
  • Holding the general meeting of the company’s members (founders);
  • Organization and registration of changes in the healthcare facility;
  • Ensuring regular notification of the Client on the reference, normative and practical base;
  • Dispute resolution with Clients.

Who can benefit from the legal support:

  • Medical clinics, centers;
  • Dentistries;
  • Beauty salons;
  • Spa salons;
  • Massage rooms.

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What are the benefits of the accounting services for healthcare facilities?

Absolutely any legitimate business needs to properly keep books, otherwise there is a risk of penalties. That is why remote accounting is gaining rapidly in popularity in the field of medical business services.

The main tasks of accounting services are as follows:

  • Accounting of expendable materials of the medical center;
  • Accounting of medical equipment;
  • Tax accounting;
  • Tax optimization;
  • Development of primary reporting documents;
  • Submission of necessary statements to regulatory authorities.

Peculiarities of legal support of healthcare facilities

The specifics of legal support of medical clinics or other healthcare facilities is that any medical institution has a great number of designations on its balance. For example, equipment and expandable materials, which are subject to constant turnover. 

Medical centres may perform surgical operations, which require cooperation with insurance companies to minimise risks in case of various force majeure events. 

Medical services do not have any material form, and thus, the legal support services are unique for each medical center.

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What liability do doctors have?

In Ukraine, doctors who violate the law are subject to coercive measures involving losses/limitations of a personal or property nature.

There are four fundamentally different types of doctors’ liability:

  • criminal;
  • civil;
  • administrative;
  • disciplinary.

For example, we have been contacted by physicians for protecting their rights in the case on the patient’s filling fell out. This situation is subject to a civil liability and requires analysis of the patient’s full medical record, medical protocols, tests, researches, conclusions and decisions made on the patient. 

Our company’s specialists have practical experience in legal support of organizations, audit, accreditation and tax planning.

Both legal and accounting services are provided on the condition of monthly payment.

If You want to secure your medical business and learn more about the business legal support, don’t hesitate to call us!

Publication date: 13/02/2020

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