Can Two Doctors Work In A Single Office? How To Properly Obtain The License?

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In October 2019, we were contacted by two individual entrepreneurs who intended to obtain a Medical License for practicing pediatric otolaryngology and pediatrics. 

The specifics of this case was that they both wanted to provide their health care services in a single office. In this view, they had a number of reasonable questions:

  • Can two different privately practicing doctors with different specialties work in a single office?
  • How should such privately practicing doctors properly organize their activities and obtain a license for one office?

Today, we will answer these questions using the example from our practice.

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Can one office be specified in different Medical Licenses?

So, what if both doctors want to specify the same office in their licenses? We offered and helped to implement the following steps:

  • Concluding separate lease agreements with the landlord. 

When preparing the documents for obtaining the Medical License for a pediatrician and a pediatric otolaryngologist, both Clients signed a lease agreement with the same landlord, at the same address and on the same date. 

However, the landlord rented out the premises to two individual entrepreneurs, having equally divided the area. Thus, each Client had his own lease agreement conclude at the same address with a clearly limited area of the premises. We checked the premise area for compliance with the licensing requirements. It’s worth remembering that when obtaining a Medical License, the area and equipment of the doctor’s office is paid close attention.

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  • Obtaining the Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion for each Client individually.

We helped our Clients to obtain individual SES Certificates for the premises without dividing the total area in half. That is, the Certificates were obtained for the whole rented space, but they contained different personal information. 

  • Obtaining Medical Licenses for two different specialties.

Based on separate agreements and SES Certificates for one office, we managed to obtain a Medical License for for each of our Clients. 

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When obtaining a Medical License, it’s worth considering the required equipment for each specialty, doctors’ working hours and other details requested when applying for the license. You can watch a video on how to properly fill out the documents for a Medical License here.

How can two doctors with different licences work in a single office?

After obtaining a Medical License, these individual entrepreneurs can conduct their medical business separately. Each of them will have its own client accounting, tax burden and specialization. 

But it’s worth considering such a nuance as the possibility of two doctors working in a single office at the same time - during the same working hours. In this case, it was impossible. They had to divide working hours between them.

On the other hand, in our practice there was a case when two dentists wanted to work in a single office. In such a situation, if the size of the premises makes it possible to install equipment, dental chairs for both specialists - they can work at the same time. 

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Publication date: 04/02/2020

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