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If you intend to start a representative office in Ukraine, you should immediately find the answer to the question, Do you need additional permits in Ukraine?

The fact is that in Ukraine there is a list of economic activities that are subject to licensing. Moreover, there are certain types of economic activity, which a representative office can hardly obtain a license for. For example, a license for a pharmacy.

Of course, there is a solution to such a situation - you can register a company in Ukraine with 100% share in the authorized share capital of your foreign parent company. And the Ukrainian company can apply for the necessary license.

At the stage of consultation our lawyer will analyze your situation and advise you on the most suitable legal structure for doing business in Ukraine in your particular case.

When is it beneficial to register a representative office in Ukraine?

If the planned business activity of the company is not subject to licensing, starting a representative office will be the best way to enter the market of Ukraine to represent its products. The advantage of this method is that the representative office will not have the status of a legal entity and will be fully controlled by the parent company.

Foreign nationals are not required to obtain a special permit for employment in a representative office, as they can work on the basis of service cards and an employment agreement concluded with the parent company. Our lawyers offer a package of services for registration of a representative office, which will include obtaining service cards for employees.

The period of the representative office registration procedure, its registration with the respective state authorities and obtaining of service cards for foreign employees takes 1.5-3 months. 

The procedure for registering a representative office, registering it with the relevant state authorities and obtaining service cards for foreign workers takes form one and a half to three months. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine is responsible for registration of foreign representative offices. The document of registration is a corresponding certificate.

To register a representative office, a foreign company must provide:

  • an application for a representative office registration;

  • a document of registration of the parent company in its country;

  • a power of attorney issued for the director of the representative office;

  • a bank account opening certificate;

  • a power of attorney for the persons who will be engaged in the establishment of the representative office in Ukraine and its registration with the state authorities.

All of the above documents must be certified by a notary and apostilled or legalized (depending on the country of incorporation of the foreign company).

You can learn more about certification of documents here.

Registration of a foreign representative office with the tax authorities in Ukraine

The registration of a representative office involves a one-time payment in the amount of one living wage - about USD 100 as of 2021.

The price of legal services for registering a representative office will depend on the type of services you will need, for example, the services of a nominal director of the representative office or a legal address for registration. You can choose the appropriate package of legal services and find out its price by following this link.

After registration of a representative office with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, it must be registered with the statistical authorities and the State Tax Service of Ukraine. It should be remembered that this procedure requires the registration number of the taxpayer (identification number) of the director of the representative office. Therefore, if the director is not a citizen of Ukraine, the identification number should be obtained in advance. For example, in parallel with the registration of the representative office in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

Confirmation that the State Tax Service has registered the representative office as a taxpayer, is the certificate of Form 34-ОПП, and as a single social taxpayer - 2-ЕСВ. After the receipt of these certificates the registration of the representative office is considered to be completed. The representative office can open accounts in Ukrainian banks and start its business activity.

If you want to start a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will not only help you to register your representative office quickly and safely, but also provide you with all-round assistance for a successful start of business in Ukraine.

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