Assigning an address to an object of immovable property: how and where to get it

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An address serves as a means of identifying an object based on its location. It is crucial for organizing information, maintaining records for the object, and facilitating its search.

If you are planning the construction of a standalone structure, what will be the process for assigning an address upon completion of the construction? Where should you address this query, and what documents need to be prepared? These aspects are covered in our article.

If, however, you prefer not to navigate this matter independently, simply reach out to our experts. We will not only assist with the address assignment but also offer guidance throughout all stages of the object's construction.

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Where to apply for the assignment of an address to a real estate object?

Address assignment within the territory of a city, village, town, or united territorial community:

In such cases, the assignment of an address is conducted in coordination with the executive body of the council. This implies that the local council is responsible for allocating addresses to objects situated within its jurisdiction.

Address assignment by local state administrations:

If the object is located in an area not covered by the authority of local councils, the assignment of an address is handled by the local state administration.

Please note! In instances where the executive body of local councils exceeds the stipulated deadlines for deciding on the assignment/change/correction/annulment of an address, the assignment of the address is also undertaken by the local state administration.

Executive bodies of district councils in cities/or district state administrations in Kyiv:

In cities with district divisions, city councils have the prerogative to delegate the authority for address assignment, modification, correction, and annulment to the executive bodies of district councils within the city.

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What types of real estate properties are not allocated addresses?

Not every real estate property necessitates an address, given that each property type follows its own identification system, as exemplified by:

  • Land plots: Typically, they do not require an address as they are neither residential nor commercial entities and are mainly identified by cadastral numbers.
  • Roads (excluding streets and roads within settlements): Major highways are assigned distinct indices, and their lengths are specified.
  • Railways: Railway tracks are designed for train movement and transportation, identified by specific codes and names.

This principle also extends to the following entities: runways, bridges, canal viaducts, other aquatic structures, pipelines, and so forth.

Additionally, addresses are not assigned to temporary structures and buildings considered integral parts of a primary entity (for instance, a garage within a suburban development being an integral part of the entire residential property).

Our initial step in this process involves determining the necessity of assigning an address to a new construction and outlining the procedural algorithm.

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How to submit documents for address assignment in Ukraine?

The process for submitting documents to obtain an address is as follows:

  • For properties classified with moderate (CC2) and significant (CC3) consequences or responsibilities, use the customer's electronic portal in the state electronic system for the construction sector.
  • For properties classified with minor consequences (CC1), you can submit documents in person by visiting the Center for Administrative Services or through the customer's electronic portal.

Our team will, of course, assemble the necessary document package and submit the address assignment application online. This can be done either with a power of attorney or by utilizing the customer's electronic signature.

Among the primary documents commonly submitted for address assignment, modification, and correction, the applicant provides:

  • Statement from the owner (or co-owners).
  • Document confirming ownership rights to the real estate property and land plot.
  • Copy of the agreement on the division of common property, agreement on the allocation of a specific part in kind, or the relevant court decision if the property is jointly owned.
  • Document certifying the commissioning of the completed construction, except when the real estate property is created through division, consolidation, or allocation without construction activities requiring permits.
  • Technical passport for the newly created property.
  • Master plan of the construction object (when constructing based on construction project documentation) – if applying for address assignment related to a construction project.
  • Copy of the document authorizing construction work – if applying for address assignment for a construction project.

The process of address assignment varies depending on the operational status of the State Construction Information System (SCIS), and it can be conditionally divided into two periods:

1. When the SCIS is fully operational, and the right to perform construction works is registered in the SCIS

  • The authorized body assigns an address to a new construction object within five working days from the receipt of notification about the necessity of such an assignment. This notification is generated and automatically sent to the address assignment authority from the moment the customer obtains the right to perform construction works.

2. When the right to perform construction works arose before the introduction of the SCIS

  • In this case, documents for address assignment can be submitted either after obtaining the right to conduct construction works or after the object is put into operation. The address is considered assigned from the moment the information is entered into the Registry of Construction Activities.

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Address Assignment in Garden or Dacha Cooperatives

Assigning numbers to properties within the territory of garden, dacha cooperatives, societies, and similar associations follows the guidelines of the general development plan and other planning and project documentation.

However, the decision to assign an address must be issued by the authorized body responsible for address assignment, with the corresponding entry of such a decision into the Registry of Construction Activities.

Registering property rights for a garden house is impossible without assigning it an address. Previously, addresses for garden houses were assigned based on a certificate from the garden society regarding address assignment. This practice was standard before the implementation of the electronic system in the construction sector.

However, with changes in legislation, this certificate is no longer considered a basis for registering an address and property rights in the state registry. Today, information about address assignment must be entered into the electronic construction system. This has become a crucial step in improving the property registration and addressing system.

Legislation specifies a limited list of authorized individuals for this process. Consequently, many owners of garden houses face challenges when attempting to obtain an address for the registration of property rights based on a society certificate. Registrars may refuse to register property rights, insisting on the submission of a decision on address assignment issued by the authorized body (it's important to note that a garden society lacks the authority to assign addresses).

In a situation where our client encountered such difficulties, we compiled a document package and applied for the assignment of an address for the garden house. The document package included technical and legal information about the real estate and its owner. Following the submission of the application and the verification of documents by competent authorities, a decision on address assignment was issued. Subsequently, based on this decision, property rights for the garden house were successfully registered.

Please note! There are plans for the creation and implementation of a Unified State Register of Addresses in the future. This register will operate as part of the state electronic system in the construction sector and aims to improve the residence registration procedure while preventing potential instances of fraud during the registration of property rights for real estate.

Today, the system is not yet operational, but our legal experts will guide you through the procedure for assigning an address to a real estate property. We offer the following services:

  • Audit of the client’s documents.
  • Preparation of necessary documents for applying on behalf of the client.
  • If needed, comprehensive support throughout the construction procedure, from obtaining permits to commissioning.
  • Registration of property rights for real estate in the state registry, and more.

You can find the cost of construction-related services here.

Feel free to consult with our specialists for the development of a personalized service package tailored to achieve your goals.

Publication date: 24/10/2023

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