Cost private security business formalization in Ukraine

Cost of services:

10000 UAH
Basic cost of a security license
from 18 000 UAH
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Usually you can't find the whole cost for a procedure of getting security licenses but only price of firms' services via their sites. Our cost of this service is 6000 UAH. But the whole cost is a little bit higher. 

So we will analyze all exes, including company's services, official fees and other payments, for an establishment a security firm. So what is the price for establishment your own security firm?

All exes are divided into two groups: registration payments and license payments.

14 000 UAH is the whole price for establishment your own security firm.

Let's look through it carefully.

In most cases we registrated limited liability company (LLC). The cost of this service is 4000 UAH. There are additional exes such as a notarization of documents (250 UAH) and buying of corporate seal (300 UAH). As follows registration of firm costs 4550 UAH. For detail information, please, follow the link.

Next stage is a procedure of getting a security license. Our company's service costs 6000 UAH. The official license fee is one living wage according of an efficient person.

We need to admit that a Client pays this cost if there is the whole list of documents. As a rule, Client can't provide his own person who leads security activities with required documents, for example, mental health certicate, no criminal records certificate etc. In these cases we provide Client with our own person. This service costs 2000 UAH.

So the whole price for getting a security license can be 7500 (6000 + 1450) UAH or 9500 UAH. It depends on a person who leads security activities or his documents.

Now you know what 14 000 UAH includes. 4000 (registration of LLC) + 550 (notarization of documents and buying of corporate seal) + 6000 (company's service) + 2000 (providing a person who leads security activities) + 1450 (official license fee) = 14 000 UAH.

So you have all necessary information to calculate your exes for establishment your own security firm.

Also you need to notice that you have to wait more than month before you can start doing security business. Alternative is buying a security firm with a license: exes are increased to 35 000 UAH, but you can do business after 2 days from the moment of buying.

Choice is yours!
Publication date: 01/03/2016

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