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Buying a ready-made company can be not only an alternative to registering a new business for those who want to save time, but sometimes even a necessity.

Let's say you have decided to take part in an auction or a profitable tender, you are confident in your capabilities, but you do not have a company that meets all the requirements for a bidder - for example, the company is very new, has no “ business history”, or does not have the status of a VAT payer.

Registering a company from scratch and obtaining a VAT payer status is not an option as it takes too much time. The obvious way out is to buy a ready-made company. But this process is also full of knots:

  • It is dangerous to buy a company from an unverified seller, because it may already be included in n the registry of debtors, which you may not know right away;

  • It is necessary not only to choose a safe company to buy, but also to make sure that the company is correctly re-registered.

As a way out of this situation, we offer our Clients to buy a company from us. 

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Why choose a ready-made company from our law firm?

The companies available at our law firm have several undeniable advantages:

  • We personally register all companies for sale. We also obtain additional permits for them, such as licenses. This means that the registration of each company is carried out clearly in accordance with the norms of the law, and the documents on the LLC are kept safe and sound.

  • Our companies have the necessary registration history- that is, they can take part in various kinds of tenders by term of validity, for example, in Prozorro tenders. But at the same time the “ business history” of our LLCs is absolutely clean - since the registration the companies have conducted no business activity.

  • We do not just offer you to take the selected company from us, but also independently carry out the procedure of re-registration of the company to the new owners. If you are in a hurry - our lawyers can carry out the re-registration of the company in 1 day.

Our company offers you a wide range of the available companies:

Buy a Company with VAT

Buy a Security Company

Buy a Leasing Company

Buy an Overseas Employment Company

Buy a Construction Company

Buy a Finance Company (Financial License)

Buy a Gas or Electricity Supply Company

We also offer to buy a shelf Charitable Foundation or non-governmental organization in the city of Kyiv.

If you have not found the needed company from our range, we will still be able to find the best solution for you, for example:

  • We will take care of the security audit of a company of another seller - so, whichever company you choose, you will be confident in the reliability of the transaction;

  • We will offer an accelerated procedure of registering a new company in the time frame you need, if the main purpose of buying a company is not its “history”.

How to buy a ready-made company from us? 

In the fall of 2020, we were contacted by a Client who intended to participate in the Prozorro bidding process. Due to certain circumstances, he needed a new company to participate in the tender. But the registration of a limited liability company was out of the question, because in order to participate in the auction, the following rules had to be met:

  • A company had to have a VAT payer status;

  • A company had to have a “history”, i.e. it had to be registered some time ago.

Moreover, the Client had 4 days to submit an application for participation in the auction, during which it was necessary not only to re-register the company, but also to prepare a package of documents for submission to Prozorro.

Thus, the Client needed a ready-made company with a history, a VAT payer status to be re-registered within 4 days.

We managed to provide him with it.

As we mentioned before, all our companies, including the one chosen by the Client, are registered by us, which means that we did not have to spend extra time on its verification.

We conducted an accelerated company re-registration procedure for the Client. What does it mean? The thing is that during the transfer of the company to the new owner, it is necessary to make minimal changes - the change of the company shareholders and its director. These are two separate registration actions which cannot be performed simultaneously. Usually, the change of director and shareholders takes about 3 days. However, even 3 days was too long for our Client.

But with flawless documentation and prior arrangements, we managed to perform each action within 2 hours. Thus, the Client had already got the company by the evening. 

In addition, we also helped to prepare the documents for their submission to the Prozorro bidding process.

Do you want to safely buy a company in Ukraine for your business? Give us a call! We will offer you ready-made companies with a clean history, including the license you need.

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Publication date: 29/12/2020

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