Immigration to Ukraine and Obtaining a Residence Permit for High-Demand Specialists and Workers

The legislation of Ukraine has formed an agenda and a list of professions and qualification requirements for high-demand specialists and workers, which can be met through immigration.

This means that Ukraine is ready to accept foreigner nationals and stateless persons for permanent residence with subsequent official employment, if their professions and specializations are defined in this list.

As of 2021 the list of defined specializations and professions include technical managers, chief programmers, computer analysts. Quite a large category of workers, who can count on getting a visa in Ukraine through quotas established for 2021 are IT-specialists.

Such immigration is based on the quotas, which the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine forms together with the Ministry of Economy every calendar year, and it is exhaustive.

Today we will tell you exactly who can obtain a residence permit on this basis, and how to organize the procedure.

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Who, and by what criteria, can become an immigrant on this basis?

The main criteria required by law include:

  • Legality of foreigner’s stay on the territory of Ukraine (Temporary Residence Permit, C-type visa or 90 days visa)

  • Valid foreign passport;

  • Availability of all necessary additional documents.

Please note! A list of specializations/professions for the corresponding quotas is formed every year - that is, the limit on the number of foreigners and stateless persons who can get an immigration permit during a calendar year.

A complete list of professions that can get a Quota Permit in 2021 can be found here.

To prepare a package of documents, our lawyers need only:

  • a copy of the foreigner’s passport;

  • a document confirming the place of residence in the country of citizenship;

  • information on family composition;

  • a certificate of no criminal record in the country of citizenship.

Our lawyers prepare the following documents.

For visa:

  • translation of the foreigner’s passport certified by a notary;

  • a health insurance policy;

  • an invitation letter.

For immigration:

  • translation of the foreigner’s passport certified by a notary;

  • a document confirming that the person has no chronic alcoholism, substance abuse and drug addiction problems or infectious diseases (to obtain this document, a person must visit the appropriate institution, the visit to which we will arrange)

  • a certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine;

  • a certificate from the ministry of compliance of the applicant with the qualification requirements for the position.

All documents developed by our lawyers meet the legal requirements and allow our Clients to get the desired result from the first attempt.

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Why is it worth getting a Residence Permit in Ukraine on this basis?

Advantages of obtaining a Residence Permit on the basis of employment as a high-demand specialist:

  • This ground allows a foreigner to immigrate to Ukraine with further employment.

  • A foreigner becomes a resident in Ukraine and does not need to obtain a work permit.

  • After getting a positive decision on immigration, a residence permit is issued for 10 years.

  • After 5 years of permanent residence in Ukraine a foreigner can apply for Ukrainian citizenship.

Possible disadvantages of obtaining a visa based on employment as an in-demand specialist:

  • The period of consideration is 1 year;

  • The applicant must clearly meet the requirements set forth in the list of the Ministry of Economy;

  • The immigration quota is limited in number for each of the listed positions. 

Obtaining a Residence Permit for highly qualified workers is a painstaking process, and only few people have experience in implementing it. We do, and therefore we can take care of organizing and carrying out the procedure of obtaining a Residence Permit in Ukraine with a guaranteed result.

Please note! Even if it turns out that your profession or specialization can’t be used as the basis for obtaining a Residence Permit in Ukraine, our experts will find the best way to legalize your stay in Ukraine.

Our department of migration lawyers offers you the following services:

  • Legal advice on obtaining a Residence Permit in Ukraine for a highly qualified, high-demand IT specialist in Ukraine;

  • Assistance in preparing documents for obtaining a Residence Permit;

  • Obtaining an insurance policy for a foreigner in Ukraine;

  • Organization of translations, their notarization, etc;

  • Submission of documents to a state authority, accompanying a foreigner when submitting documents;

  • Guaranteed legalization of foreigner’s stay in Ukraine.

The price of legal services for obtaining a Residence Permit in Ukraine will depend on the amount of services you need and the complexity of the case. You can see the prices for the service packages here or ask our specialists.

Do you need assistance in obtaining a Residence Permit in Ukraine through employment as a highly qualified worker? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Publication date: 25/05/2021

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