What To Do If You Apply To The Migration Service And Don’t Receive A Response?

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Foreigners who have grounds for permanent residence permit or citizenship often face a situation when documents have been submitted, but the state authority does not adhere to the deadline for issuing permits, keeps silence or does not respond at all. Such a situation is quite common in conditions of quarantine restrictions and constant instability of state authority. 

In this publication we will tell you how to speed up the process of getting an answer from the Migration Service, including through a lawyer’s request, and ultimately bring the Client forward to the issuance of the document. The article will be of interest to all foreign nationals who have grounds to apply for:

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What is a lawyer’s request and how does it speed up the process of reviewing documents by the Migration Service?

The problem is that the official period for issuing documents is about a year, but as practice shows - the terms can be extended for 1.5-2 years. To solve this “headache”, our specialists offer to prepare a lawyer’s request to accelerate the process. 

A lawyer’s request is a written document aimed at obtaining information or documents necessary to provide legal assistance to the Client. In fact, the value of a lawyer’s request is that according to laws of Ukraine, all state authorities must respond to it within 5 days. Thus, such a formal request forces the Migration Service not to violate this deadline. In practice, the time frame may still vary from 5 to 8 days, but the total waiting time will be reduced by several times. 

Please note! The legal period for issuing permanent residence permit and citizenship of Ukraine is one year.  However, in practice the preparation of documents may take about 2 years, if you do not remind the authority about yourself. The fact is that state authorities are always busy, and the documents submitted by the applicant are usually kept on ice. 

Moreover, even if your documents were reviewed and the mistakes came to light, you will not be notified of this fact, but by the end of the review period the Migration Service will send a decision to reject this or that document. And this, in turn, builds the need for the Client additional actions: the collection of documents and the new filing.

A lawyer’s request will ensure:

  • timely receipt of a response from the state authority indicating errors or inaccuracies in previously submitted documents, which can be eliminated within the shortest possible time;

  • obtaining a residence permit or passport of a citizen of Ukraine faster than it would have been issued without the request;

  • notifying the applicant of the need to submit additional documents (in case of missing some papers).

How will our lawyer help in this process? 

To accelerate the preparation of documents for residency or passport of Ukraine, we carry out the following actions:

  • Advise on the Client’s personal situation (at the start or during the procedure of obtaining documents);

  • Prepare all necessary documents for applying for permanent residence or citizenship;

  • Organize the signing of the agreement between the Client and the lawyer;

  • Prepare the lawyer’s request for submission to the SMS, the Border Service and the Security Service of Ukraine;

  • Make sure that the Client receive the response from the state authority;

  • Eliminate mistakes made by the Client when submitting documents;

  • Provide legal support to the Client at all state institutions;

  • Obtain the document on time or even earlier.

With our legal assistance in preparing and submitting a lawyer’s request Clients do not have to wait long for an answer with further refusals to issue documents for citizenship, temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit.

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Lawyer’s request to the Ukrainian Migration Service with our firm

Recently we were contacted by a citizen of the Russian Federation, who had grounds for citizenship, and who applied for an immigration permit a year and a half ago. 

The Client collected and submitted the documents for the permit on his own, but since the deadline for its issuance was one year, he received neither a response from the Migration Service, nor the permit, the applicant began to worry and contacted us. We, in turn, immediately prepared a lawyer’s request and within two days submitted it to the SMS. In the request, we asked for a prompt issuance of the permit to the applicant, since the deadline had been violated by the agency. 

In 8 days we received the immigration permit by the mail, but that was only the beginning. The permit was expiring in two weeks, which meant we had to apply for Ukrainian citizenship quickly. Thanks to the cooperation of the Client, who had almost all the documents properly prepared, we submitted a set of documents within three days. Accordingly, the documents submitted in the last 2 days were accepted for consideration. 

Our team of lawyers was able to speed up the process and get the ready-made document in the last days, otherwise the Client would have to re-apply for the permit, which would significantly delay the entire procedure of obtaining citizenship. 

If you need assistance with the entire procedure of obtaining permanent residence permit and Ukrainian citizenship or speed up the process of obtaining a permit, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our lawyers have many years of experience working with the Migration Service. We know all the subtle aspects of the procedure and can quickly resolve difficulties. 

Our specialists will advise you on all issues, based on the specifics of your situation, and as a result you will get a permanent residence permit, temporary residence permit or passport of a citizen of Ukraine on the first try and within the shortest possible time. 

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Publication date: 11/01/2021

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