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  • we analyze the documents of the Client: are they suitable for obtaining a license for manufacture, repair and sale of weapons;
  • we provide verbal advice concerning obtainment of license, as well as regarding permitting documents required for license acquisition;
  • if it should be necessary, we can obtain some of the documents necessary for acquisition of specified license, including Permit for opening and operation of the licensing system objects;
  • we prepare an application, form a package of documents and submit it to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
  • we monitor documents review and provide details for the payment of state duty;
  • we send to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine a copy of payment receipt for license issuance.


Documents for obtaining a license

List of documents
EDRPOU code of the company (a tax number for sole traders)
Documents, confirming that the premises comply with the licensing requirements
Documents, certifying compliance of staff with licensing requirements

Documents, confirming that the premises meet the licensing requirements include:

  • A certificate of ownership of the premises or a lease agreement;
  • A permission to open and operate the facilities of the permit system.

The documents, certifying that the personnel comply with the licensing requirements include:

  • information on the general medical examination of the employees, incl. the manager;
  • A certificate on the study of the material part of weapons..

In addition, standardization documents are required for each type of product to be manufactured (technical regulations, specifications, standards), as well as a power of attorney for our employees, the text of which we provide.

The cost of our services does not include the amount of the state fee.

Licensing documents required for obtaining a license, such as the permit to open and operate the facilities of the permit system, are obtained as part of an additional service on the basis of a separate agreement with the Client.

The term of obtaining the license is 10-15 working days

Why us

We have years of experience in the legal support of private security companies and related businesses
Our company has been practicing licensing for private security companies for over ten years and has been advising business entities on the use of weapons in their activities.
We can help to obtain not only the license itself, but also permits required to obtain it
The specialists of our company can help with obtaining a permit to open and operate facilities of the permit system, organize training and obtain certificates on the study of the material part of weapons.

We are ready to help you!

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One of the documents, a copy of which is submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for obtaining a license, is the permit to open and operate the facilities of the permit system. Obtaining it is a procedure that is hardly any different than obtaining a license. After all, to obtain the above-mentioned permit, which is also issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, you need to submit the act on the suitability of the premises. This act, in turn, is drawn up by a commission, consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Fire Control agencies.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Where can you get a certificate on the study of the material part of a weapon?

You can get this help at specialized shooting ranges. There you will receive training, and then - take an exam and get a certificate. For the cost of training and other details turn to a particular shooting range.

Why do I need documents on the premises if I'm only going to buy and sell weapons without storing them?

The fact is that weapons can only be traded in at specialized stores.

Obtaining a license to manufacture, repair, trade in weapons and ammunition

After all essential terms of cooperation have been discussed with the Client and verbal agreement has been reached as to the price and terms of obtaining a license for production, repair, trade in arms and ammunition, a legal service contract is concluded with the Client.

After preparation of all necessary documents and getting them signed by the Client, the company specialists submit a package of documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

sends to the Client banking instructions for the remittance of the official fee, which they are required to do within 10 working days from the date of the decision. The Ministry also requires a copy of the receipt to be sent to them.

Importantly! Failure to pay the license fee by the deadline (even if it's one day) is a reason for revoking the license

The original of the license payment receipt shall be retained by the licensee throughout the term of the license.

The above standard job order may be changed to make it more convenient for you.

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