How to Get a Work Permit for a Foreigner in Ukraine?

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Work permit obtainment for foreigner in Kiev (Ukraine)
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Development of different business spheres in Ukraine, first of all, the IT sector and various service industries, increases demand for foreign workers. For employers it is an opportunity to attract a highly qualified worker, which is especially interesting for fast-growing companies and projects with a rare product. 

Many business owners in Ukraine prefer to hire foreign top managers, counting on their successful experience in business development abroad.

As for the employees, working in Ukraine is an opportunity to get a decent wage and live in a low-cost country with a good quality of life.

However, there are two factors that may become a problem in this process:

  • Complexity of the procedure for obtaining a Work Permit - it is necessary to take into account such aspects as the minimum wage for a foreign worker, timely obtainment of an insurance policy in Ukraine, correct preparation of documents, including the employment agreement;

  • Risks of the Work Permit revocation in Ukraine due to noncompliance with legal requirements. Thus, after obtaining a Work Permit you need to sign an employment agreement within 90 days from the day of obtaining the Work Permit. After signing, the agreement shall be submitted to the Employment Center (within 10 days). In case of violation of terms, your Work Permit will be cancelled.

Our company offers you legal support for obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine for a foreign employee, which will completely level the possible causes of problems in this process.

We will undertake the organization of the whole process of obtaining a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine and provide you with all the necessary recommendations for avoiding possible problems with the state authorities.

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The procedure for obtaining a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine

Workers who come from abroad and have the opportunity to obtain a work Permit in Ukraine are conditionally divided into three categories:

  • A general category – these are all foreign workers except category 2 and 3, for such foreigners the minimum wage is set (10 minimum wages set in Ukraine – UAH 60, 000)

  • A special category include high-paid workers, such as top managers or IT specialists, for whom special rules have been established for wages;

  • Employees who will work in public associations or educational institutions – for them a lower minimum wage is set (5 minimum wages set in Ukraine - UAH 30,000).

Please note! If your company intends to employ an IT-specialist, the statutory documents of your company must specify an appropriate KVED (a type of economic activity) related to computer programming or activities in the IT-sphere.

Many of our Clients who want to invite a foreign worker from abroad face the problem of the obligatory minimum wage of UAH 60,000. But this problem can also be solved by organizing the work of a foreign employee, for example, by starting a legal entity for a foreigner and employment under the agreements.

The validity period of the Work Permit may vary depending on the category of the employee, but it cannot exceed 3 years. This Permit can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

Please note! There is a separate category of foreigners who do not need to obtain a Work Permit to be employed in Ukraine, for example:

  • Foreigners who already have a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine;

  • Foreigners who have refugee status in Ukraine;

  • Employees of foreign airlines, sailors, mass media, etc;

  • Employees of foreign missions;

  • Professional artists, athletes, art workers;

  • Ukrainians living abroad;

  • Clergymen, etc.

After analyzing your situation, we will be able to say for sure whether it is necessary to apply for a Work Permit for your employees.

Documents for obtaining a Work Permit for a foreign employee in Ukraine:

  • An application for a Work Permit in Ukraine – prepared by our lawyers on behalf of the employer;

  • A notarized copy with a certified translation of the document that confirms the foreigner’s identity – usually it is a passport used by the foreigner to enter Ukraine;

  • A color photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm;

  • A draft employment agreement with a foreign employee – a draft must be signed by the employer. If you do not have such a draft, our lawyers help with its development.

These documents must be properly executed and submitted to the Employment Center, which will review them and make a decision within 7 days. Usually we are in constant communication with the Employment Center during the process of supporting our Clients in obtaining a Work Permit in order to avoid delays or rejection for formal reasons.

Upon receipt of the Work Permit you will need to pay a state fee, the amount of which depends on the period for which the Work Permit is issued:

  • less than 6 months – 2 minimum wages (UAH 4,540);

  • from 6 months to one year – 4 minimum wages (UAH 9,080);

  • from one to three years – 6 minimum wages (UAH 13,620).

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Legal services for obtaining a work Permit in Ukraine

Our lawyers offer you the following services:

  • Analyzing your situation and advising on the process of obtaining a Work Permit for foreign workers in Ukraine in your case;

  • Development of a set of documents, including a draft employment agreement to be submitted to the Employment Center;

  • Organization of translation of the documents and certification of the translation by a notary;

  • Submission of the package of documents by a lawyer to the Employment Center and monitoring of its consideration;

  • Obtaining a health insurance policy, covering COVID-19 treatment and observation, for a foreigner in Ukraine for the period of validity of a Work Permit (in case a visa is needed or the employee wants to further apply for a Temporary Residence Permit).

Please note! If your employee in addition to the Work Permit in Ukraine will need a Temporary Residence Permit by employment, we can provide services for the legalization of the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine. Thus, if you offer your employees a full relocation to Ukraine, we can provide it.

The service price for obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine for a foreigner will depend on the amount of legal services you need, the number of workers you want to employ, and on additional services you may need such as a health insurance policy.

You can choose the appropriate package of services for you here, or contact our specialist to form a customized service package.

The period of obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine may vary depending on many factors, but on average it takes from 7 to 10 business days.

Do you need legal assistance in obtaining a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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Publication date: 11/05/2021

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