How to get a residence permit for employees of a foreign representative office in Ukraine?

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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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One of the possible ways for a foreign company to enter the Ukrainian market is opening a foreign representative office in Ukraine. This is a special form of doing business, with its own rules of registration, taxation and hiring employees.

An important advantage of choosing exactly a representative office is a simplified procedure of obtaining a Work Permit for foreign employees. 

When starting your business in Ukraine, especially if it is connected with the specific type of activity, or if you want to have 100% control over the business, reliable personnel is a big plus.

The staff of representative offices obtain a separate type of a Work Permit in Ukraine - they obtain service cards of a representative office.

The sticking point is that the service card does not entitle your employee to stay in Ukraine for a period longer than the one permitted for foreigners (90 days). If you need an employee in the representative office on a permanent basis - he/she must apply for a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine.

Today, we will talk about the procedure of obtaining a Temporary residence Permit on the basis of service cards of the representative office employee.

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How to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit on the basis of employment in the representative office of a foreign company?

In order to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine, it is necessary to have a good reason - the basis on which the state will issue such a permit for a non-resident. The list of grounds is approved by the state, and includes a Work Permit in Ukraine or a service card of a foreign representative office employee.

Thus, by obtaining the service card for an employee, you lay down a “springboard” for obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit.

You must personally submit the documents for a Temporary Residence Permit to the Migration Service. But you can prepare everything you need, and even get service cards for all the staff you need, in advance. This makes it possible to relocate the workers to Ukraine already at the time of filing, which will not only save money on accommodation, but also help meet the deadline for submission of documents - not less than 25 calendar days before the expiration period of the visa in Ukraine or stay (90 days within 180 days).

To obtain a Temporary Residence Permit, you will need to prepare a package of documents:

  • a service card of the representative office employee (copy);

  • an application on behalf of the representative office;

  • the certificate of registration of the representative office (copy); 

  • the passport used by a foreigner to enter Ukraine - it must be authentic and valid, not less than 6 months before expiration (copy);

  • a D-type visa (except for those countries whose citizens do not need to obtain this visa to enter Ukraine);

  • a health insurance policy in Ukraine.

Our company helps to prepare a full package of documents, as well as translate copies and insurance policy, covering COVID-19 infection.

The Migration Service reviews the documents and makes its decision within 15 business days. A Temporary Residence Permit on this ground is issued for 1 year.

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Can such a Temporary Residence Permit be extended and when should it be done?

The validity period of the Temporary Residence Permit can be extended an unlimited number of times. The main condition is that the basis must be preserved. That is, if the employee continues to work in the representative office, and the service card is extended - the same can be done with the Temporary Residence Permit. 

To extend the Temporary Residence Permit, you must collect and submit the same documents no later than 15 business days before the permit expiration date.

Our team offers you a full range of services for opening and maintaining a representative office in Ukraine:

  • Registration of representative offices of foreign businesses in Ukraine;

  • Assistance in obtaining service cards for the representative office employees;

  • Preparing the package of documents and their submission for Temporary Residence Permits for the representative office staff;

  • Assistance in processing documents at the Ministry of Justice and Migration Service of Ukraine;

  • Legal consultation on the best way of entering the Ukrainian market, taxation of the representative office;

  • Keeping accounting and personnel records of a representative office at the initial stages of its activity;

  • Legal solution of any problems arising before the representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine.

You can check the cost of obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit here, and the cost of obtaining service cards - here. For corporate Clients we offer personalized service packages. You can contact our manager to prepare such a package for you.

Do you want to open a representative office in Ukraine and provide production with reliable employees? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will find the best solution for your situation.

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Publication date: 19/10/2021

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