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A residence permit is a document that grants foreign citizens the legal right to stay in Ukraine for a specific period of time, while also providing them with additional rights and privileges. For instance, it may entitle them to free medical services.

There are two types of residence permits: temporary and permanent. The distinction is evident from their names, but it's worth noting that the dissimilarities go beyond just the duration of validity.

Differences between temporary and permanent residence permits in Ukraine

Here is a table outlining the differences between these two types of residence permits in Ukraine  

Permanent Residence Permit

Temporary Residence Permit

Valid for a period of up to 10 years

Valid for a duration of 6 months to 3 years

Grants the right to work

Does not grant the right to work (an additional permit is required)

Processing time is up to 15 business days while obtaining an immigration permit takes 1 year

Processing time is up to 15 business days

How to obtain a residence permit (TRP and PRP) in Ukraine?

When it comes to obtaining a residence permit, whether it's a temporary or permanent one, there are certain guidelines to follow:

  • You must have a legitimate reason for obtaining the permit, which we will discuss further.
  • Your presence in the country should be lawful, without any violations of the permitted duration.
  • You should not have any outstanding criminal convictions in Ukraine.

It's essential to adhere to the prescribed procedures and timelines for each application. For instance, when applying for a TRP or PRP, it's recommended to submit all required documents at least 15 days before your legal stay in Ukraine expires. It's even better to initiate the process earlier, ideally a month in advance. Therefore, if you're planning to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, it's advisable to reach out to us before your arrival. This will enable us to start the document preparation process ahead of time and meet all submission deadlines.

Update: Please bear in mind that during periods of war or quarantine, there might be delays in the operations of Ukrainian government authorities. However, this doesn't exempt you from complying with the established deadlines. Therefore, it's wise to begin the preparation process prior to your arrival in the country. Many preparatory stages can be completed without your physical presence by granting power of attorney to our lawyer.

What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a TRP in Ukraine?

1. TRP based on employment:

This type of permit is issued based on obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine.

It is suitable for foreign individuals who have received a job offer from a company in Ukraine.

To obtain this permit, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Obtaining a Work Permit
  2. Obtaining a D-type visa for visa-required countries
  3. Submitting documents for the TRP

Documents required for obtaining a TRP based on employment:

  • Original Work Permit (can be arranged with the assistance of our lawyers)
  • Company's commitment letter
  • Original passport with a valid Ukrainian D-04 visa (except for visa-free entry countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, etc.), with an entry stamp into Ukraine after the date of obtaining the Work Permit
  • Health insurance policy (can be arranged by our lawyers)

For more details on the procedure of obtaining a Work Permit, you can read here.

Please note! The conditions and requirements may vary depending on the type of employment. For example, in 2021, there were specific quotas for issuing Permanent Residence Permits to IT professionals in Ukraine. 

Our team of lawyers offers services for obtaining a TRP in Ukraine through employment. You can find the pricing details on our service page.

Another option available is registering a personal company in Ukraine and obtaining a Work Permit through it. We will provide more information about this option later.

2. TRP in Ukraine through marriage

This option is suitable for individuals whose spouse is a Ukrainian citizen. 

Please note! It is also known as "family immigration" or "family reunification." 

The procedure involves submitting the following documents:

  • Marriage certificate with a Ukrainian citizen (the Ukrainian spouse must be present during document submission).
  • Original passport with a valid Ukrainian D-14 visa (except for citizens of visa-exempt countries) and an entry stamp into Ukraine.

Note: If the marriage was not registered in Ukraine, the document should be properly legalized.

  • Health insurance policy (our lawyers can assist in arranging this).

For a detailed example of the procedure, you can refer to this link.

Obtaining a TRP based on marriage may raise additional questions, such as civil marriages and the possibility of bringing grandparents, etc. 

By analyzing your situation and exploring legal solutions, we will find the most optimal path to achieve your goal.

3. TRP in Ukraine through volunteer work

To begin with, the volunteer organization that the foreigner will be involved with must be registered in the Ministry of Social Policy's volunteer organizations registry. Then, an invitation or application from the hosting volunteer organization is obtained, which serves as the basis for applying for the TRP.

The documents required for obtaining TRP based on volunteer work include:

  • Non-resident passport (with a notarized translation).
  • D-10 visa.
  • Application from the hosting organization responsible for the program implementation.
  • Certificate of state registration of the volunteer organization (original and copy).
  • Health insurance.
  • Receipt of payment for the service.

The processing time is approximately 15 business days.

The process of obtaining a TRP on this basis is relatively straightforward. However, it does have its limitations. The TRP is issued for one year only, and if you intend to seek employment in Ukraine for earning income, you will need to obtain a Work Permit. 

4. TRP in Ukraine through work in foreign company representative offices

This type of residence permit is applicable to individuals who plan to come to Ukraine and stay for an extended period due to their employment in a foreign company's representative office. 

The TRP is granted for a duration of one year only.

The procedure involves submitting the following documents:

  • Original and copy of the certificate of registration of the foreign company's representation.
  • Original passport with a valid Ukrainian D visa (except for citizens of visa-exempt countries) and an entry stamp into Ukraine (notarized translation).
  • Health insurance policy.
  • Receipt of payment for administrative fees and services.
  • Invitation from the corresponding foreign company representation in Ukraine.

You can find an example of the TRP procedure for employees of foreign company representative offices here.

5. TRP in Ukraine based on other grounds

There are additional grounds on which you can obtain a TRP, including:

  • Based on studying at Ukrainian higher education institutions.
  • Based on visiting Ukraine for religious preaching activities.
  • If a foreigner comes to Ukraine for scientific, cultural, educational, or volunteer activities based on international agreements or special programs.
  • Based on working as a correspondent or representative of foreign media.
  • Based on investments.

Please note! Due to the current global situation and occasional border closures for quarantine purposes, it is essential to plan and organize your visit to Ukraine and the entire procedure well in advance. You may require additional assistance in ensuring a legal entry into Ukraine.

By choosing to collaborate with our company, you will receive an analysis of your situation and consultation with an immigration lawyer to determine the specific grounds that would be suitable for your case and to guide you through the procedure effectively.

What to do if you don't have official grounds for obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine?

Lack of official grounds for obtaining a TRP in Ukraine doesn't mean that you have no options. It will depend on your situation and possibilities. One common way to obtain a TRP in Ukraine without official grounds is through the establishment of a company.

This solution allows you to guarantee the acquisition of a TRP and start your life in Ukraine with a ready-made company for business purposes. 

The process will look as follows:

1. Obtaining an identification number in Ukraine.

2. Registering a legal entity (LLC) created by the foreigner or getting employed by an existing company.

3. Obtaining a work permit for the foreigner by the employer. 

4. Obtaining a visa for entry into Ukraine.

5. Replacing the general director with the foreigner.

6. Obtaining the Temporary Residence Permit.

7. Registering your place of residence in Ukraine.

You can find a detailed example of the procedure here

The cost of this service and the full range of services provided by the lawyer can be found through the link

Additionally, we can assist you in obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine through participation in a volunteer organization. Please consult our experts to determine which option suits you best.

Documents required for obtaining a PRP and the differences in documents for PRP and TRP

The documents needed to obtain a Permanent Residence Permit are quite similar to those described earlier, with examples for various grounds.

When it comes to obtaining a PRP, there are some key differences, primarily in the need for more substantial grounds, including:

Another notable difference is that the process starts with applying for an Immigration Permit. Only after obtaining the permit can one proceed with the PRP application. The evaluation of documents typically takes around 1 year, during which the applicant can reside in Ukraine.

Can you buy a residence permit? Investments for obtaining a residence permit

In Ukraine, there is no concept of "buying" a residence permit. However, it is possible to obtain a Permanent Residence Permit through investments.

This refers to making investments in foreign currency of at least 0,000 (based on the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of investment).

You can find more detailed information about this type of residence permit here.

The difference between visa and residence permit in Ukraine

A visa and a residence permit in Ukraine serve different purposes when it comes to entering and living in the country.

A D visa is a document specifically designed for entry into Ukraine if you plan to obtain a residence permit. To obtain a D visa, you need to submit a specific set of documents to a Ukrainian consulate. 

A residence permit is the actual authorization to live in Ukraine. To obtain a residence permit, you must first obtain a D visa and enter Ukraine with it.

Please note! A D visa is required only for citizens of countries that have a visa requirement with Ukraine.

Assistance from our company in obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

Our company provides a comprehensive range of services:

  • We analyze your situation and explore possible legal solutions.
  • Our experienced lawyers offer consultations regarding the available grounds for obtaining a TRP in Ukraine.
  • We assist you in gathering any documents that may be missing for your TRP application in Ukraine.
  • We handle visa and insurance arrangements, and provide support in obtaining a work permit in Ukraine, among other preparations for the TRP application process.
  • We submit your application to the relevant government agency and provide support during your visits to the migration service.
  • Our team offers legal support services for various matters you may encounter in Ukraine

Please note! It is mandatory to register your place of residence in Ukraine within 30 days after obtaining a TRP. If you don't have a registered address, our lawyers can suggest alternative options to meet this requirement.

Publication date: 20/05/2021

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