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Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is a rather lengthy process, requiring strict compliance with the procedure and meeting certain requirements. Knowing and understanding such requirements, can assess your chances of obtaining citizenship.

If your goal is to live in Ukraine, this can be achieved in different ways. Today we will talk about the registration of citizenship - the deepest connection between the person and the state.

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The main requirements for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

First of all, you must comply with the Constitution of Ukraine. This is confirmed by your agreement to follow the laws of Ukraine, and the absence of unexpunged criminal records on the territory of Ukraine. 

The next point - the person submits the obligation to terminate citizenship or the corresponding declaration. The application is submitted by a foreigner who has a valid passport of a foreign state. From the foreign citizenship is carried out after obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine.

You must legally and continuously reside in Ukraine for 5 years, as well as have an immigration permit, i.e. have a residence permit.

Separate requirements are knowledge of Ukrainian language at the level sufficient for communication and availability of legal profit.

But there are exceptions - these are the so-called aspects of the simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship. They may apply in the following cases:

  • If someone in the family or you yourself resided in Ukraine, or in the territory that became the territory of Ukraine after August 24, 1991;

  • If the registered place of birth before August 24, 1991 is a territory that became the territory of Ukraine;

  • If you used to be a citizen of Ukraine and decided to restore your citizenship;

  • If you have been married for more than two years to a citizen of Ukraine.

Citizenship can be denied in cases where a person has committed crimes against humanity and genocide, as well as persons convicted in Ukraine. Refusal can be received if the rights to citizenship are not confirmed, in case of incorrectly written application and incorrect preparation of documents.

The procedure and terms may vary somewhat depending on the grounds for citizenship.

The full list of grounds for obtaining citizenship in Ukraine can be seen here.

For a clearer understanding of the procedure, we suggest considering obtaining citizenship on any one ground, for example, through marriage.

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Obtaining citizenship in Ukraine if your spouse already has Ukrainian citizenship

We will tell you how the process of obtaining citizenship through marriage occurs most often in practice.

First, you must have a residence permit. Permanent residence permit - this is a must, because it is issued on the basis of a permit for immigration. A temporary residence permit is not necessary.

Some of the most important points are:

  • you must have permission to immigrate;

  • your marriage must have lasted at least two years;

  • a declaration of renunciation of another country's citizenship or a commitment to renounce citizenship is required;

  • a certificate of knowledge of the Ukrainian language and proof of financial support is required;

  • Criminal Record Certificate from the state of previous residence is required (valid for at least 6 months).

Our company prepares documents for obtaining temporary residence permit, prepares all documents necessary for obtaining the Permit, residence permit and citizenship, and accompanies clients during the visit to the Migration Service to submit the documents.

In order to realize citizenship, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents for the State Migration Service, including:

  • FilledApplication of intention to obtain citizenship on the basis of marriage addressed to the President of Ukraine;

  • Photo of 3 pcs (3,5 by 4,5);

  • Photocopy of immigration permit;

  • Document confirming commitment to terminate foreign citizenship or corresponding declaration;

  • A photocopy of a document confirming your husband or wife's Ukrainian citizenship;

  • Marriage certificate;

  • Document about legal sources of livelihood for the last 6 months.

You also need documents on the knowledge of the Ukrainian language at a sufficient level, we have already mentioned a certificate of criminal record and the obligation to terminate the previous citizenship.

You should submit these documents yourself, but they can be prepared by professional experts. Term of consideration of the package of documents is usually 1 year.

If you are interested in the cost of citizenship registration with our team, you can learn it here.

Our help will save your time and nerves and guarantee you the desired result.

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Publication date: 31/03/2022

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