Work permit in Ukraine for Russians

The hiring of Russian citizens in Ukraine is not an uncommon situation. Some workers come to work under an employment agreement, or to work for a long period of time. 

In any case, the obtaining of permits is most often handled by the employer, because it must submit an application for a Work Permit, and it is its responsibility to submit the signed employment agreement to the Employment Center in due time to complete the procedure for obtaining a work permit.

If you are planning to hire Russian citizens, in most cases you will need to obtain a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine. There are no differences in the general procedure for Russians.

Today we will briefly remind you of the procedure for obtaining a Work Permit and how to make the process optimally convenient for both an employee and an employer.

If you still have questions, or if you want to safely and easily obtain a Work Permit for a worker from Russia, please contact our experts for a personal consultation.

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How do I get a Work Permit for a Russian citizen in Ukraine?

There are several categories of foreigners who do not need to apply for a Work Permit in Ukraine to be able to work or engage in certain activities. First of all these are Russians who already have a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine on some other grounds, cultural workers, religious workers, athletes, as well as workers of Russian mass media and sailors.

Important! Please note that to be able to work in Ukraine without a Work Permit, you must have a Permanent Residence Permit, not a temporary one.

A Work Permit for the Russian citizen is issued to the company, not to the foreigner personally. This means that the Permit is issued for a specific position with stipulated conditions and terms of work. If a foreigner decides to change their job, he/she will have to apply for a new Work Permit with a new employer.

The procedure of obtaining a Work Permit for a Russian citizen in Ukraine consists of three simple steps:

  • Preparation of documents, which will involve gathering of a package of documents, translation and notarization of certain documents, drawing up an application from the employer;

  • Submission of documents to the Employment Center;

  • Signing of the employment agreement and submission of its copy to the Employment Center.

Documents needed to obtain a Work Permit for a Russian citizen in Ukraine:

  • An application on behalf of the employer indicating the position and information about the job;

  • A copy of the (international) passport of a Russian citizen with certified translation into Ukrainian language. Our lawyers will arrange both translation and notarization for you;

  • 3.5 x 4.5 cm color photo of an employee;

  • A draft employment agreement with an employee certified signed by the employer. Our lawyers always check the text of an existing draft, or draft it themselves;

  • A power of attorney for the representative submitting documents on behalf of the employer.

In some cases, depending on the category of the employee, additional documents may be required, such as a copy of a diploma with an apostille, if you need to get a Work Permit for a graduate of a world top university, or a document on sending an internal corporate assignee to Ukraine.

A separate important step in the procedure is signing the employment agreement and submitting a copy of it to the Employment Center. The agreement must be signed within 90 days following the date of the Work Permit issuance, and the copy must be submitted to the Employment Center within 10 days from the date of signing.

If you do not meet the deadline, the Work Permit will be revoked.

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The package of documents for obtaining a Work Permit for a Russian citizen in Ukraine must be submitted to the local Employment Center in Ukraine at the place of registration of the employer. The Employment Center has 7 days to review the documents and issue a Decision on them.

To correctly and easily get a Work Permit for aRussian citizen, the employer will need to answer a number of questions:

  • What category of employees does the new potential employee belong to? The answer to this question may change the list of required documents, as well as the validity period of the Work Permit.

  • Does the employee meet the requirements for a Work Permit? This requires checking with the employee in advance and, in some cases, requesting additional information from the employee.

  • Are there any separate requirements or aspects of the employment. For example, in Ukraine there are separate quotas for IT specialists, which can be beneficial for the employer.

Our company offers you a turnkey obtaining of the Work Permit for Russian and other foreign workers. If the influx of foreign workers is always a good idea to develop your project, we will offer you a profitable and comfortable partnership, which will completely free you from the need to deal with the paperwork routine and solve problems with the Employment Center by yourself.

Please note! A Work Permit in Ukraine allows Russian citizens to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit. If your goal is a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine, but you don’t have any offers from employers - you can register a company in Ukraine, and apply for a Work Permit on its behalf. Find out more here.

Employment of foreign workers may become a simple and time-effective task. Don’t hesitate to contact us for obtaining Work Permits for your employees on a turnkey basis.

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Publication date: 29/07/2021

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