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A large number of foreign citizens and stateless persons are convinced that obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is as easy as obtaining a Temporary or Permanent Residence Permit. Moreover, starting their search for information on the Internet on the legalization of stay in Ukraine, many look for the following: “How to get a Ukrainian passport?” or “How to apply for Ukrainian citizenship?”.

However, such belief is almost always followed by disappointment, as the process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship can surprise with its complexity. In addition to a rather time-consuming procedure, there is also a clear list of grounds and requirements, non-compliance with which will lead to rejection, and ultimately to wasted time. 

The easiest option proposed by the State today is the restoration of citizenship. Such a way exists for persons who previously held Ukrainian citizenship, and for some reason or other withdrew it.

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Steps to restore Ukrainian citizenship

How do I start the procedure for restoring my Ukrainian citizenship?

To restore your Ukrainian citizenship, you may need the following documents to be submitted to the SMS: 

  • Application for restoration of Ukrainian citizenship. You will need two such applications;
  • 35 mm x 45 mm photos. You must prepare three such photos; 
  • Document that confirms the fact that you have terminated Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Declaration of absence of foreign citizenship;
  • Letter of commitment to terminate foreign citizenship after receiving Ukrainian documents. 

This is a list of basic documents, which can vary depending on your situation. Therefore, we recommend that you seek assistance from a professional who will provide you with a 100% accurate list of documents that comply with the law. 

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Stages of restoration of Ukrainian citizenship

Stage 1: Collection of documents, which affects the further dynamics of the procedure and its logical completion - Citizenship. The correct package of documents will not only help you save time, but also minimize your material expenses.  

Ukraine does not recognize dual citizenship, so it is very important to pay attention to the obligation to terminate foreign residency.  First of all you should understand that by signing this document you undertake that after obtaining a Ukrainian passport you will sever all ties with the foreign country and will not be able to use the rights of that country. It is important to understand whether you need to submit this application or not. For example, you do not need to submit this document if the laws of your country provide for automatic termination of citizenship simultaneously with the acquisition of a new residency

Stage 2: Submission of the correct package of documents to the bodies of the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The end of this stage will be the consideration of the package of documents in the State Migration Service and issuance of your temporary certificate of the citizen of Ukraine 

The big mistake of all persons applying for citizenship is confidence that after receiving the certificate of the citizen of Ukraine their hard way came to an end, but in fact there is the next stage of work, without which all your merits are worthless. 

Stage 3: Renunciation of your foreign citizenship. In Ukraine dual citizenship, in other words bi-citizenship, is prohibited at the constitutional level, so to return to Ukrainian citizenship you must renounce your current citizenship. 

This stage is unnecessary for those who did not obtain the citizenship of another country - for them it is enough to provide a certificate of statelessness. Everyone may withdraw from foreign citizenship through the consulate or the consular section of the Embassy of your current country of citizenship. You will have to apply to the consular section for renunciation of citizenship. At the end of this stage, you will have a document confirming the renunciation of your foreign nationality. 

Stage 4: Submission of a document confirming renunciation of foreign citizenship or declaration of renunciation of foreign citizenship to the office of the SMS. Following the consideration you will receive a permanent passport of a citizen of Ukraine. 

It is important to remember that you have only 2 years to renunciate the citizenship of another country. During this time you must obtain a document confirming the renunciation of foreign citizenship and submit it to the State Migration Service of Ukraine. If you fail to provide the above-mentioned document within the established period, the temporary passport will lose its validity, and the whole procedure will be canceled. 

So, we cooperated with a Client who is a citizen of Russia. After receiving his temporary ID he had to renounce Russian citizenship and get a certificate from the diplomatic institution (consulate or embassy) of Russia in Ukraine.

The procedure of renouncing Russian citizenship is very difficult and consulates usually don’t want to issue certificates of renunciation or they delay this process as long as possible. That is why we offered the Client to submit the Declaration of renunciation of Russian citizenship through the SMS. We prepared the declaration, which meant the sole renunciation of the Client’s current foreign citizenship, and accompanied the Client in submitting this document to the Migration Service. 

After that we also accompanied the Client when submitting documents for obtaining a permanent passport of a citizen of Ukraine and helped him obtain the Ukrainian passport.

Our team offers different service packages for the Client to restore his citizenship in Ukraine. Check our prices and service packages here.

The main difficulty is that the procedure takes a long time, but still requires compliance with procedural deadlines. It is important to meet all the terms, and watch for any important stage of the procedure.

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