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What does the term "college" refer to? As per Article 28 of the Law on Higher Education, a college is an institution of higher education or a structural division within a university, academy, or institute. Its primary focus is educational activities associated with attaining a bachelor's and/or associate degree.

In essence, a college belongs to the realm of higher education institutions. It can either be an independent educational establishment that has achieved secondary accreditation status, or it can function as a component of higher education institutions like an institute or a university. Upon successfully completing one's studies at a college, a diploma in higher education (an associate degree) in a specific field can be conferred.

A technical school is categorized under the first accreditation level, placing a college at a higher position within the educational hierarchy.

However, our focus today extends beyond the legal categorization of these educational institutions. We will also delve into the intricacies of obtaining educational licenses for them.

What is the significant difference between a college and a technical school?

A college is an institution of higher education, while a technical school is a vocational-technical institution. A technical school is equivalent to a vocational-technical school (VTS). The establishment and activities of colleges are regulated by the "Law on Higher Education," while technical schools are regulated by the "Law on Vocational-Technical Education."

Distinctive Features of Establishing a College

Since, as mentioned earlier, a college falls under the category of higher education institutions, the requirements applicable to it are those that pertain to higher education establishments. To establish a college and obtain a license, a series of requirements must be met, which can be divided into two categories: personnel-related and technological.

Personnel Requirements for Establishing a College

A minimum of 50% of the instructional and/or research staff should hold academic degrees and/or academic titles. They must also have their primary employment at your educational institution. Naturally, these are not the only requirements, as they vary depending on the institution's level of accreditation and the array of professions the institution will offer.

Technological Requirements for Establishing a College

Suitable premises and documentation confirming ownership or the right to use the premises (such as a property ownership certificate or an equivalent document). The facility has an extensive list of requirements as well, which also fluctuate based on the institution's type and the specializations it intends to teach. For instance, having laboratories, workshops, training areas, and appropriate equipment.

However, the sole consistent requirement concerning the premises, regardless of specializations and the institution's type, is the area, which should encompass no less than 2.4 square meters per person, accounting for up to three learning shifts, yet not falling below 2000 square meters.

The distinction regarding colleges is not entirely straightforward

It's important to note that certain types of colleges fall within the realm of professional pre-higher education rather than traditional higher education. According to Article 31 of the Law on Professional Higher Education, Ukraine has institutions classified as professional pre-higher education, including professional colleges, military colleges for non-commissioned officers, and professional colleges with specific learning conditions. However, delving into each of these is unnecessary. The key takeaway is that the term "college" encompasses a diverse array of institution types that can align with various forms of education and levels of accreditation.

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Distinctive Aspects of Establishing a Technical School

The process is also governed by the conditions of educational operations, but in more detail, it falls under the "Law on Vocational (Vocational-Technical) Education." The requirements can be roughly categorized into personnel-related and technological criteria.

Personnel Requirements for Establishing a Technical School

The institution should have teaching staff members possessing the appropriate educational and/or professional qualifications required to instruct all subjects outlined in the curriculum. This must be done while considering the student population and adhering to the norms of pedagogical workload on educators. The focus here shifts away from academic degrees and the like.

Technological Requirements for Establishing a Technical School

The possession of documents confirming ownership or authorized use of the assets required for conducting the educational process. Notice that it pertains to assets, not just premises. There is no mention of the availability of a specific space or its size.The provision of workshops, instructional classrooms, laboratories, computer workstations, training grounds, sports halls, and sports fields (stadiums) in quantities sufficient for fulfilling the curriculum. Moreover, facilities like a medical station, library, dining area, and all necessary equipment should be ensured. However, if the training takes place in a real-world setting, not all of the items mentioned above need to be available at the institution. Hence, having a designated location is not obligatory.

As you can see, there exists a notable disparity. Whether you're considering establishing a college or a technical school, meticulously accounting for each of the legally stipulated requirements is paramount. A customized approach in this regard guarantees success and optimizes time usage.

If you require an educational license, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of specialists is always prepared to assist with pressing legal matters.

The cost of obtaining an educational license can be found here.

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