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When purchasing goods abroad, entrepreneurs are faced with a lot of paperwork for further transportation and movement across the customs border.

One of the obligatory stages in any movement of goods across the state border will be passing through customs. And it happens twice. The first time when passing the border, and the second time – during customs clearance.

However, further clearance depends on the correct crossing of the customs border, as well as the amount of payment of customs duties. There is nothing wrong with going through customs, but it should be taken seriously.

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Basic rules of customs clearance when importing batches of goods

First: It makes no sense to conceal goods, their properties or price from the customs authority, and any deception may result in administrative proceedings for concealment from declaration.

Customs authorities have the authority to conduct a full inspection of goods, their partial or full unloading and have the right to detain the goods. Therefore, if the entrepreneur is interested in passing the border quickly and safely, you must immediately submit complete information about the goods and provide it correctly.

Second: One should prepare for border crossing in advance, as well as for everything else in foreign economic activity. Namely:

  • The goods must be declared by the seller and have the corresponding export declaration.
  • On the buyer’s side, a preliminary customs declaration must be executed and a general declaration of arrival must be filed.
  • These declarations shall contain information on the goods, the consignor and consignee, the terms of delivery, the method of transportation, the customs border to which the goods are to pass the state border and the customs office where the customs clearance will be carried out.

Third: It is better not to push your luck and provide at the border exactly those documents that will be used for customs clearance. For example, the Turks have their Turkish invoices and English invoices, on which it is customary to make customs clearance. It is unclear for what reason, but no matter how much you ask the Turks, they will still give the driver both invoices.

And there is an important nuance here. If the seller provides a certificate of origin, which the entrepreneur needs to use to reduce the duty on customs clearance, then the certificate of origin always indicates the number and date of the invoice to which it was issued. Therefore, this invoice must pass the border, and customs must stamp the invoice, which is specified in the certificate of origin. In other cases, you will face problems – from charging full duty where you could save money to confiscation of goods.

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Execution of documents for passing through customs in Ukraine

Even before crossing the border, one should pay attention to the correctness of filling in the export declaration: all prices and terms of delivery must correspond to reality and information in other documents.

Accordingly, the invoice, under which the goods will be declared, will also be specified in the export declaration. Such things should be paid attention to in advance, because changing the export declaration is a long process, and the seller does not always agree to it. And discrepancies in such documents may serve as grounds for customs to consider that the goods are not declared under the conditions under which they are submitted for declaration.

It should also be added that with different methods of delivery there must be appropriate shipping documents:

  • When delivered by land - CMR.
  • When delivered by sea - a bill of lading.
  • When delivered by air - air waybill.

These documents must be provided to customs by the carrier, and who should arrange for their clearance – the seller or the buyer – depends on the terms of delivery and the contract.

Additionally, it is advisable to obtain all the information about the goods that you will need from the seller even before the shipment, or at least before the goods cross the border. Since these documents will not be provided immediately, the goods will stand and wait unprocessed until the necessary documents are obtained.

  • For delivery conditions that require cargo insurance – it will be an insurance policy.
  • For customs clearance of chemicals – these are safety data sheets and CAS numbers.

Everything that will be needed for customs clearance should be obtained from the seller immediately, because later in practice it is difficult to achieve it, especially promptly.

Please learn everything about customs clearance of goods.

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Publication date: 16/05/2022

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