How to keep sole proprietorship audit on the general taxation system?

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There are situations when the sole proprietorship for some reason wants to stay on the general taxation system. Consider situations when it is profitable and talk about how to organize accounting in this case.

Accounting challenges that sole proprietors are usually faced with are as follows:

  • conducting a business activity not listed in the taxpayer’s register, which is fraught with an automatic switch from one system to another;

  • lack of understanding of what is net taxable income and when to pay tax for it;

  • ignorance of what should be attributed to the costs of sole proprietors operating under the general system.

Situations when a number of serious violations of tax law are found during a tax audit of a sole proprietorship are quite common. It is at this stage that the entrepreneur bears responsibility, which: 

a) interferes with the business directly and takes up a lot of time; 

b) brings a lot of negative feelings during communication with the tax authorities.

To avoid the violations and be a legitimate entrepreneur, our team offers accounting support of a sole proprietorship. What we do and what we save you from:

  • We recommend the appropriate taxation system that fits your business activity;

  • We write a scheme for the sole proprietorship accounting in order to pay and submit everything on time;

  • We plan the taxation of your business ahead of time;

  • We supervise all the information in the payer’s personal account, so as not to lose any important information;

  • We submit reports without delays;

  • We deal with the payroll of employees;

  • We provide support during the tax audit to ensure its successful completion.

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Publication date: 15/06/2020

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