Our experience of infirmaries licensing under new regulations in 2017-2018

During the period of the end of 2017 – beginning of 2018 our lawyers provided legal support in licensing procedures for a number of companies and educational institutions.

This group of clients includes:

  • a mining enterprise from Donetsk region;
  • a winery holding from Odessa region;
  • a confectionery company from Sumy region;
  • a comprehensive school from Zaporizhzhya region;
  • a number of trucking enterprises from different regions of Ukraine.

Despite the differences between the industrial focus and the area of ??activity of these clients, the work on the mentioned projects had many common features, which we will describe in this case.

The demand for setting up infirmaries  was determined by the following factors:

  • the need to provide medical assistance to employees of enterprises;
  • the need for pre-trip and post-trip medical examinations of drivers;
  • the refusal of polyclinic institutions to renew medical service contracts or the economic inexpediency of ordering medical services from such counterparties.

In addition, a number of utilities and state enterprises have received relevant instructions from regulatory authorities.

The primary issue that customers contacted us about was, in most cases, the choice of form of organization of medical care at the enterprise. The most popular one was the creation of a medical office without the establishment of a health care institution, despite the incompleteness of regulatory regulation, it has several advantages over the creation of full-fledged medical units, infirmaries, health centers (health centers) or licensing of private practitioners on the territory of enterprises / educational institutions.

One of the key problems the clients encountered was the lack of personnel that would fully comply with the qualification requirements established by medical law. So, the junior medical workers (nurses, paramedics), who were supposed to conduct pre-trip and post-trip medical examinations often did not have certificates on passing advanced training in the established form. Instead, they had certificates of attendance at relevant information courses, which, although they provided the necessary knowledge on conducting examinations, from a legal point of view did not meet the requirements of the law. In such cases, our lawyers advised clients on the necessary documents, and, if necessary, helped with the search for educational institutions where it was possible to obtain the necessary certificates, and a number of other organizational issues.

In many cases, our lawyers were engaged in a dialogue with the State Service agencies on the execution of Sanitary Inspection certificates for the premises of medical offices, since this form of medical care as a “medical office” is relatively new, it raised a number of questions both among clients and directly in government agencies.

In addition to the standard filling of statements and other accompanying documents, our lawyers also provided samples or sometimes completely developed a regulation on a medical office, taking into account the specifics of the client’s activities (medical offices(infirmaries) operate according to the current legislation based on the regulation).

You can learn more about innovations in the legislation regarding the conduct of medical examinations of drivers, the organization of medical care in educational institutions and enterprises from the analytical material of our lawyer.

If you want to learn how to fill out documents for medical practice license by yourself, you can do this with the help of our video material.

Publication date: 05/06/2018

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