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In April, we were approached by a Client who wanted to get a drug store license within the shortest possible time. The Client had premises in mind, but there was no staff. Therefore, he wanted to receive full legal support for setting up a drugstore. This included both the analysis of the premises where the Client planned to have a drugstore, and assistance in the selection of personnel, and advice on what were the thing the drugstore had to have during the period before the licensing inspection.

The Client realized that it was not only the promptness of getting a drugstore license but also the amount of expenses that he would need to incur, which depended on the quality of the legal advice he received.

The lawyers of our company willingly took up this case, since we had a lot of experience in this area. During the inspection of the premises where the Client planned to have a drugstore, it turned out that the ramp did not comply with building standards. Since reinstalling the ramp required additional budgetary costs, as well as documents and time, we advised the Client should install a call button. Of course, to install this button, you also need to get a number of documents, among which is the consent of the Union of Persons with Disabilities, but this option was better than installing a new ramp.

The Client was worried about the lack of drugstore staff. He knew the general requirements for the head of the drugstore institution and the authorized person. However, he doubted who would be better to appoint to this position, how many people there should be on staff, and whether there should be a chief accountant. We reassured the Client, assuring him that we would help to choose a manager. To do this, all it would take was for him to send us scanned copies of the documents of the candidates for this position. How many people should there be on staff is not specified by the legislation, as well as there is no obligation to hire an accountant. And this means that in order to obtain a license at the time of the pre-licensing inspection, only the manager who will perform the functions of an authorized person is enough.

After preliminary consultations and provision of documents by the Client, we started developing a package of necessary documents, after which we submitted the final package to the licensing authority. The decision to issue a license to our Client appeared on the website of the State Service. Of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control within the shortest possible time.

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Publication date: 17/07/2017
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