Obtaining a D visa based on employment in Ukraine: How we helped a Beijing citizen secure a visa

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Obtaining a D visa based on employment in Ukraine often tops the priority list for foreigners eager to bring their plans to fruition within our country. However, document processing doesn't always go smoothly, as it can be a challenging and sometimes daunting task. The primary significance of obtaining a D visa lies in its provision of a legal basis for staying in the chosen country. For many foreigners, a work visa in Ukraine is not merely a stamp; it's an opportunity to unlock a wide range of possibilities for citizens from other countries who wish not only to live but also to actively implement their business projects in the Ukrainian market. How can one obtain a type D visa quickly and on the first try?

Navigating through these complex legal migration procedures, it's crucial to have not just professionals but also reliable partners by your side who can provide consultation and support on the path to legalization. In our article, we will discuss a case study from one of our successful cases, where a D-04 visa based on employment was required for a citizen from Beijing, highlighting the document preparation process for legalization in Ukraine. We will also share how we can assist you with migration issues.

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Obtaining a D-04 visa based on employment: Legal analysis of the client's situation and a tailored approach

It's important to note that obtaining a D-04 visa on the basis of employment is a process that requires not only legal analysis but also a meticulous approach tailored to the circumstances of each individual case. Our long-standing client, a citizen of China, approached us for assistance in obtaining a work visa. We had previously helped him with the establishment of a security business, providing comprehensive support during the LLC registration process and obtaining a security license, as well as offering legal and accounting services for his new company. For a non-resident, a citizen of another country, it's often more efficient to entrust the management of business affairs to specialists rather than attempting to navigate the legislative requirements and business practices in Ukraine on their own.

After a long-term partnership that contributed to the flourishing of his business, the client sought our services again for the legalization of a foreigner in Ukraine. Contacting his personal client manager, who was already part of our company, he informed us that he had recently decided to move to Ukraine and work in his company on a permanent basis. Upon learning all the details regarding his relocation plans, including the timeline and other personal circumstances, we began the process of preparing for his move to ensure that all necessary documents were obtained and prepared within the required timeframe.

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Securing a D visa: A guide to document Preparation

Our partnership with the client initiated with an assessment of their needs, focusing on the purpose and objectives of their stay in Ukraine. The primary step was securing a Type D visa based on employment. Our client aimed to assume the directorial role in his own security firm, which is why we strategized to secure the foreign employment permit right before his official appointment.

The documents prepared for the consulate to obtain the visa included:

  • A notarized Ukrainian translation of the passport;
  • A medical insurance policy that meets the established regulatory requirements, for instance, offering coverage exceeding 30,000 EUR;
  • An authenticated work permit, constituting the basis for visa issuance.

Furthermore, we arranged for documents from the receiving party, the company itself, including an invitation and evidence of financial support for the foreign national throughout their stay in Ukraine. These documents were compiled in Ukraine and promptly dispatched to the client in Beijing.

The process of completing the visa application deserves special mention due to its critical nature. The visa application phase is notably meticulous, with experience showing that errors made here often lead to procedural restarts. Our legal team took charge of setting up an electronic account and meticulously filled out the visa questionnaire. We assured the client of the accuracy and compliance of all submitted information with the consulate's criteria, including an IKAO-standard photo.

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Preparing for a consulate visit to obtain a visa: Migration lawyer's legal support

As the appointment at the consulate drew near, our expert monitored the electronic queue for available slots and chose a date and time that best suited our client. We also prepared our client for the interview with the consul by organizing an online meeting with our immigration attorney, who is well-versed in all the nuances thanks to our team's more than 10 years of experience with the State Migration Service. During this legal consultation, the client was given detailed instructions and was thoroughly prepared for the consulate visit. We advised on which documents to bring and how to respond to the consul’s questions during the visa interview, specifically about:

  • The purpose of the visit;
  • Employment details and workplace;
  • Job duties and responsibilities;
  • The nature of the company's business;
  • The company’s location in Ukraine and the city where the client plans to live;
  • Duration of the stay, living arrangements, and financial provisions.

This method greatly minimizes the risk of visa rejection. We emphasized to the client the importance of clearly stating the trip's purpose, where they will reside, and who will finance their stay in Ukraine. Given that this case involves employment, the client was instructed to be familiar with the employing company's name, its type of business, their role, and responsibilities. It's critical to know and clearly state the city where the company is located, where they will reside, the financial means for their stay, who is providing housing, etc. The client was also briefed on the duration of their intended stay in Ukraine. We discussed all these points to ensure the client could confidently address typical questions from the consulate.

It's also crucial that the client has a medical insurance policy valid for the entire duration of their stay in Ukraine, evidence of owned or rented accommodation, and proof of financial means covering tickets, housing, food, and personal expenses. Ideally, they should also have a visa for the country through which they will enter Ukraine. Additionally, considering the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the client was informed about the necessity to comply with established restrictions, such as air raid alerts and potential evacuations if required. They were also advised to avoid conflict zones and adhere to specific guidelines regarding photography and filming of air defense operations, etc. Thus, our lawyers did not overlook these critical aspects in preparing the client for the consulate interview for the Type D visa.

Our immigration lawyer and the client's personal manager kept in constant touch with the client, offering all necessary informational support and addressing any questions, from consultations to technical details. If necessary, we were prepared to reschedule the appointment or transfer the application to a different consular office, and upon visa issuance, to check for any discrepancies or inaccuracies to quickly correct them. Our team always supports our clients, both during the waiting period and after receiving the visa.

Following these preparations, the client successfully obtained the D visa, leading to their arrival in Ukraine and the acquisition of a temporary residence permit, marking the continuation of our collaboration.

Migration services: Obtaining a D visa in Ukraine with the help of a lawyer

Choosing a legal firm to prepare documents and secure a D visa is a decision that should be guided by the principle of high-quality service, years of experience in handling migration matters, and clear, informative communication. Our company has stood out in these areas for many years, evidenced by our flawless reputation and numerous appreciative reviews.

We constantly employ modern technology to optimize our processes and make client interactions more convenient. Online consultations and proficiency in English and other languages ensure the process is as smooth and effective as possible for our clients. Despite the virtual format, we maintain a personal touch, and geographical distances do not stand in the way of resolving legal issues successfully.

Each client receives individual support through video conferencing and messaging, allowing them to choose the communication method that suits them best. Our main aim is to provide maximum convenience for our clients and to achieve their objectives. Those who have entrusted us with their affairs know that we work diligently, focusing on every detail and nuance, which enables us to secure success in every case we undertake. With us, you always gain:

  • Expertise and experience. We stay updated on all legislative changes and updates regarding the D visa and other visa types to offer our clients the most current and reliable information.
  • A tailored approach. Understanding that each client is a unique individual with their own needs, our lawyers develop personalized strategies for each client, taking into account their specific circumstances and objectives for obtaining a D visa.
  • Comprehensive information support. We provide our clients with full and clear information about all the stages of the visa obtaining process. They receive a detailed overview of all requirements, procedures, and deadlines to be confident in their decisions.
  • Accuracy and responsibility. From determining the list of required documents to submitting the application and obtaining the D visa and other types, we oversee every step of the process. Accuracy and responsibility in every business case are the core principles of our work.

Opting for our legal company means choosing reliable and effective assistance in the legal domain. In addition to migration services, we provide extra consultations on starting a business in Ukraine and abroad, including legal and accounting support, making us a comprehensive partner for all your legal needs.

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Publication date: 30/01/2024

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