Helped our client to get registered as sole proprietor in Ukraine

Registration of a sole trader is one of the most popular ways to start a small business in Ukraine. In this practical case our lawyers helped a doctor who wanted to start his own private practice to become a sole trader.First, we offered the Client advice, because, like most entrepreneurs who are just starting to operate their business, they did not have information on how registration actions take place, what tax system is better to choose in their situation, which reports will need to be submitted and how to do accounting. After the consultation, the lawyers of our company received a clear task - to ensure proper legal support for the registration of a sole trader and add the Client to the second class of single tax payers.

The first stage consisted of the preparation and submission of documents for registration. The only thing that was required of the Client was to issue a notarized power of attorney to our lawyers. The specialists of the company carried out all other actions within one day - they prepared and signed the necessary documents, submitted them to the registration authority and, subsequently, received a supporting document - an extract from the Unified State Register. In fact, we could have  done without paying the cost of a power of attorney, but in this case, the Client would have personally needed to visit the registration authority, which would have taken a lot of time, because, traditionally, there are long lines.

The next step was to include the sole trader in the second class of single tax payers, which allows you to optimize taxes and simplify reporting. Two days after the submission of documents, the Client was added to the database of persons who chose the simplified taxation system. The final step in this process is also to obtain a document confirming that the sole trader belongs to single tax payers - statements. As you know, the statutory deadline for receiving an extract is one day. Such a time is quite justified given the small amount of actions that need to be taken by employees of the tax authority. In practice, unfortunately, these deadlines are not respected by all authorized bodies. Local fiscal inspections issue statements at different times — for example, in one tax office you can get a document only after 10 days, in another tax office - in 4 days. When asked about the reasons for such a delay, authorities almost never give a reasonable answer. Thanks to our experience and years of knowledge in this area, our lawyers not only prevented a similar situation from occurring, but also completed the task on time and received an extract at the earliest moment .

Thus, the sole trader registration service provided by our specialists took five days and, taking into account its cost and the degree of involvement in the Client’s process, competes with the option of self-registration, where the person spends much more of their time standing in lines and correcting mistakes.

If you are interested in a proper and quick registration procedure for a sole trader, follow the link below to learn the conditions of cooperation.

Publication date: 10/07/2017

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