Our law firm started obtainment of licenses for Uber drivers from Lviv

In March 2018, we were approached by a Client who, in the past, with our help, received a license for activities in the field of telecommunications (providing Internet access services and servicing television networks). This time he asked for help getting a similar license for his partner.

After reviewing the documents of the company that needed to obtain a license, we provided the new Client with recommendations and samples for preparing a network development plan and network diagram. These are the only documents that are prepared by the Client’s technical specialist on the basis of the samples we have provided, since, in particular, in terms of network development, the Client’s equipment, its location, and subtleties of connecting to a single network, technical parameters of signal transmission and network expansion plans should be described in detail. Our lawyers prepare all other documents necessary for obtaining a license on the basis of the information provided by the Client.

When preparing the documents, our lawyers drew attention to the fact that the Client had provided the premises sublease agreement. However, the sublease agreement did not contain information about the obligatory availability of the Lessor’s consent to provide premises for sublease, and such consent was not provided. Our company had previous experience working with such documents. We knew that the issue of granting permission to transfer premises to sublease is determined by the provisions of the Civil Code and the terms of the lease agreement. In practice, there are several variations of the legal sublease of premises, so it is very likely that the licensing authority will request a copy of the lease agreement.

One must say that the legal grounds for demanding this document with the NCCIR are doubtful. Its presentation is not stipulated by applicable law.

In this case, first of all, it is necessary to determine if there is any problem. If the sublease agreement is concluded incorrectly, there will be a need to justify a failure to provide such a document to obtain a license. However, in a different case, it is much easier to provide it to expedite the process of obtaining a license. We value the time of our clients and understand that we are contacted to obtain a license within the shortest possible time.

Having received from the tenant a copy of the lease agreement with the lessor and having made sure that its provision was subleased without the consent of the latter, we submitted documents to the licensing authority.

A detailed study of the individual circumstances of the Client, combined with many years of experience, allows us to identify issues that may affect the inhibition of the process of obtaining an Internet provider license or even make it impossible to obtain such a license in the initial stages of work. Therefore, our Clients usually avoid the need to resubmit documents to the licensing authority, correct faults and other circumstances that prevent them from quickly obtaining a license and starting a business.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms for the provision of services for obtaining an Internet provider license by following the link.

Publication date: 22/03/2017

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