Registered a charity in Kiev and its affiliate in Odessa region

Registration of a charitable foundation with separate divisions

In September 2014, we were approached by a Client who was about to register his charitable foundation. At first, the Client’s request consisted of the help of qualified lawyers in the development of the charitable foundation charter from a template that was available on our company’s website. The Client intended to save money by taking care of submitting documents and further registration of the charitable foundation.

Lawyers of the Law Firm “Pravovaya Pomoshch” successfully completed the first request of the Client, but during the consultation on the registration of the foundation, the Client realized the multi-stage nature of this work, and most importantly, the need for professional implementation of each stage.

The Client ordered full legal support for the registration procedure of the charitable foundation, after he had learned that in addition to developing a charter of the charitable foundation, it was necessary to have a protocol on the establishment of the foundation, completed registration cards of the established form, pay the state fee, etc. Moreover, the registration of the foundation was not limited to the submission of documents to the state registrar. The process of including the foundation in the register of nonprofit organizations is also complicated.

Thus, our specialists provided full legal support for the registration of the charitable foundation, which included:

  • providing the Client with verbal consultation on registration and the documents required for this;
  • development and formation of a full package of documents for registration, in particular, the charter of the charitable foundation, the minutes of the meeting of the founders of the charitable foundation, registration cards, etc ;
  • Representation of the Client by proxy in the state registration authority, other state bodies, including tax authorities;
  • receipt and hand over of a complete set of registration documents to the Client.
Thanks to the professionalism of our company’s lawyers, the foundation was registered in three days; it took about two weeks to include the charitable foundation in the register of non-profit organizations.

The Client was surprised by the professionalism and efficiency of our specialists and soon turned to us with a request to register a separate division of the charitable foundation in Odessa region.

Publication date: 10/11/2014

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