Registration of ownership rights to real estate

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Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions
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What we offer

  • Analyze the Client’s documents;
  • Carry out analysis of information related to the Client’s real estate specified in the state registers;
  • Hit upon the best possible option for achieving the Client’s objective;
  • Prepare the documents required handle transactions with the Client’s real estate;
  • Review the documents prepared by the relevant authorities (a notary, a developer, the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine, the Bureau of Technical Inventory, etc.);
  • Provide the Client with a legal support of the transaction (at the notary, developer);
  • Obtain the relevant documents for the Client.


Documents required for Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions

List of documents
Passport data, identification code, constituent documents of the participants
Certificate of title, Extract from the State Land Cadastre
Extract from the Bureau of Technical Inventory, Technical Passport of the real estate, its assessment
You can find a full list of all the necessary documents here.
The price of the service does not cover the state fees and notary fees for certifying documents.

We guarantee that our legal support of real estate transactions will allow you to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Why us

Legal audit of documents
When supporting real estate transactions it is very important to properly analyze the Client’s documents. We audit all the documents and information available in the state registers.
Immediate execution of the transaction
If necessary, our specialists can promptly prepare the documents and arrange the transaction.
We work with foreign citizens
Many of our Clients are citizens or companies from other countries. Our English-speaking lawyer will accompany the Client to all the relevant authorities.

We are ready to help you!

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The ownership right and other property rights to temporary facilities are not subject to state registration.

In order to reduce the service delivery time, the Client should provide us with the maximum information on the real estate.

Our company’s experts may carry on all the necessary actions related to the registration of the property rights to real estate on a turnkey basis, without involving you to any of the stages.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it required to get the consent of the other spouse to alienate the property, if the spouses are already separated?

It is necessary to acquire the consent, because in this case the marital status of the spouses at the time of purchase of the property is of legal importance.

Is it required to acquire owners’ consent to alienate the property in case of shared ownership?

Yes, it is, unless the property is received by way of gift.

Can I sell my share of a joint property to a third party without notifying the other owners?

No, because the owner has a right of pre-emption over the share to be sold. Such a transaction can be easily invalidated by a court decision.

Is it possible to transfer the ownership rights to real estate that hasn’t been put into operation?

No, because it hasn’t been registered at the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine yet.

Registration of the property  rights to real estate in Ukraine

The property right to immovable property arises at the moment of the disposal transaction registration. Such a transaction shall be certified by a notary.

In fact, the registration of property rights (registration them in a special Register) is an official recognition of the fact of termination, transfer or accrual of ownership rights or other property rights to real estate.

When we talk about the state registration of rights to real estate, it should be remembered that real estate includes:

  • Residential buildings and apartments;
  • Buildings and indoor spaces, where people can stay, (movable) property can be located, production can take place, etc.;
  • Engineering and hydraulic structures (land improvements) intended for special technical functions, etc.

Important to know

Any real estate transactions require a detailed analysis of documents and the situation, because even the slightest inaccuracy may lead to the forfeiture of property.

Practically, any real estate transactions, including purchase and sale, deed of gift, commissioning or commencement of construction, require registration in the relevant state registers. 

The procedure for our legal support of such transactions involves the following stages:

  • Situation analysis and consultation of the Client.

At this stage, our lawyer negotiates with the Clients and prepares a strategic roadmap aimed at achieving their objectives.

  • Legal audit of the Client’s documents and state registers.

At this stage, our lawyers thoroughly analyze the documents and related registers, as well as prioritize the documents to be obtained.

  • Drafting of agreements and other documents required to achieve the Client’s objective.

To hold our Clients harmless, we prepare all the documents required for accomplishing their tasks.

  • Signing of documents with a notary and state registration in the respective registers.

After the groundwork for achieving the Client’s objective is laid, we handle a transaction, which allows the Client to obtain the document confirming his/her rights to real estate.

We are always ready to coordinate and support your real estate transactions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our lawyers.

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