Registration of ownership rights to real estate

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From 25,000 UAH
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Real estate
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Registration of ownership rights to real estate
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What we offer

  • Analyzing your documents crucial for registering property ownership rights;

  • Delving into registry information relevant to your property;

  • Identifying the most effective strategies to achieve your objectives;

  • Creating a detailed roadmap for the execution of your project;

  • Preparing all necessary documents for transactions involving your property;

  • Scrutinizing documents from pertinent authorities (notaries, Bureau Technical Inspection (BTI), and engineers;

  • Accompanying you during significant transactions, such as visits to notaries or real estate developers;

  • Securing a BTI certificate and other required documents for the formal registration of real estate ownership.


Documents required for Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions

List of documents
Passport data, identification code, constituent documents of the participants
Passport data, identification code, constituent documents of the participants
Certificate of title, Extract from the State Land Cadastre
Certificate of title, Extract from the State Land Cadastre
Extract from the Bureau of Technical Inventory, Technical Passport of the real estate, its assessment
Extract from the Bureau of Technical Inventory, Technical Passport of the real estate, its assessment

What document validates house ownership?

For state registration of a house’s ownership, the following prevalent documents are typically required:

  • Notarially attested transactions;

  • Certificates evidencing property ownership;

  • Certificates from public auctions detailing property acquisition;

  • Legal certificates of inheritance rights;

  • Excerpts from the household registration book;

  • Judicial decisions;

  • Other legally compliant documents that establish the acquisition of real estate ownership.

Timeframes for property ownership registration

The process for registering property ownership usually takes between 5 to 35 days, assuming all the necessary, legally compliant documents are correctly submitted. For individuals managing this process independently, compiling the complete document set can be complex and laden with bureaucratic hurdles. Poorly prepared documents often lead to registration denials.

To reduce the processing time, it’s essential to provide comprehensive information about the property.

Our team offers a complete, hands-off property ownership registration service, managing every step on your behalf.

In summary, if you need assistance in acquiring documents for property ownership registration, such as extracts from the BTI, the State Land Cadastre, technical passports, etc., our legal experts are prepared to assist you.

Service packages offers

From 25,000 UAH

Our service package is divided into two stages, each billed separately. The stated price is the minimum total for both stages.

Stage 1: Audit and Roadmap:

  • Legal audit (verification) of the client's documents;

  • Development of a roadmap considering the complexity and multi-staged nature of the project.

Stage 2: Land Ownership Rights Registration:

  • Arranging and preparing documents to obtain a cadastral number;

  • Registration of the land plot in the State Land Cadastre;

  • Acquiring official confirmation of the registered land plot in the State Land Cadastre (extract from the State Land Cadastre);

  • Submission of documents for rights registration on behalf of the client.

Real estate
Real estate
From 30,000 UAH

Our service package is divided into two stages, each billed separately. The stated price is the minimum total for both stages.

Stag 1: Audit and Roadmap:

  • Performing a legal audit (examination) of the client's documents;

  • Creating a detailed roadmap, considering the project's complexity and multiple stages.

Stage 2: Documentation Formalization and Preparation:

  • Acquiring extracts from the household book or details of the state registration of property rights from real estate records, maintained on paper by municipal technical inventory companies;

  • If necessary, carrying out the commissioning process for the property;

  • Registering property information in the state electronic system for construction;

  • Securing an official address for the property;

  • Handling the submission of documents for the registration of rights on the client's behalf.

Special rights
Special rights
From 22,000 UAH

Our service package is divided into two stages, each billed separately. The stated price is the minimum total for both stages.

Stage 1: Audit and Roadmap:

  • Legal audit focused on evaluating the necessity of filing documents for registering special property rights.

Stage 2: Implementation:

  • Entering into the registry details of ownership or usage rights for the land plot where the construction is underway;

  • Coordinating with the project designer or expert organization, and the state architectural and construction supervision authority to update data in the Unified State Electronic System;

  • Preparing documentation for the state registration of encumbrances of a guarantee share, including for individual phases or launch complexes;

  • Adjusting the guarantee share amount in response to any alterations in the construction project documentation;

  • Handling the submission of documents for the registration of special property rights.

Where to obtain a Certificate of Property Ownership?

Instead of a traditional property ownership certificate, you'll receive an extract from the Registry of Real Estate Rights. 

What documents are required for the registration of property rights?

We need the following from you:

  • Your passport;

  • Identification code;

  • Legal documents for the real estate, especially if the ownership was established before 2013;

  • Technical details of the property (technical passport, extract from the State Land Cadastre);

  • Documents based on which the property rights will be acquired, such as civil-law contracts and construction permits.

Process of state registration of real property rights:

  • The applicant, either personally or through a legal representative, must approach a state registrar or notary for the registration of rights;

  • Submit the required set of documents (depending on the registration object);

  • Pay the administrative fee;

  • Collect the extract from the property rights registry.

We guarantee that our legal support of real estate transactions will allow you to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Why us

Legal audit of documents
Legal audit of documents
When supporting real estate transactions it is very important to properly analyze the Client’s documents. We audit all the documents and information available in the state registers.
Immediate execution of the transaction
Immediate execution of the transaction
If necessary, our specialists can promptly prepare the documents and arrange the transaction.
We work with foreign citizens
We work with foreign citizens
Many of our Clients are citizens or companies from other countries. Our English-speaking lawyer will accompany the Client to all the relevant authorities.

We are ready to help you!

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Property ownership registration for real estate in Ukraine

Real estate property rights, which require state registration, come into effect from the day of such registration as per legal stipulations. 

The registration act is the state's formal acknowledgment and validation of the acquisition, modification, or termination of real property rights, including any burdens on such rights, by recording pertinent details in the State Registry of Real Property Rights.

Key points in state registration of real estate rights include:

  • residential homes;

  • buildings;

  • structures (including separate parts);

  • apartments;

  • both residential and non-residential spaces;

  • integral components of ameliorative networks.

Also recorded in the State Registry are real rights and their burdens on unfinished construction projects and prospective real estate properties.

What property requires state registration?

Not subject to state registration are real rights to minor architectural forms, temporary, non-permanent structures on land plots, movable without depreciation or change of purpose, and structures that are part of or an accessory to the main item, like main and industrial pipelines, roads, electrical grids, main thermal networks, communication networks, and railway tracks.

How to register ownership for newly constructed buildings?

Following the implementation of the Law "On Guaranteeing Real Rights to Real Estate Objects to be Constructed in the Future" and for objects, the right to perform construction work on which arose after October 10, 2022, the state registration of property rights for a real estate object, for which the right of ownership for an indivisible object of unfinished construction or a special property right to an object of unfinished construction or a future real estate object is registered, is automatically performed by the software tools of the State Register of Rights on the day of receiving information about the commissioning of the completed construction object from the Unified State Electronic System in the field of construction.

For finished construction objects, where the right to construction arose before October 10, 2022, property rights registration occurs post-commissioning and submission of the required document package to the state rights registrar or through electronic services.

Can registration of property rights be denied? Why?

Yes, there can be rejections. Common reasons include: 

  • Incomplete document submission.

  • Discrepancies between claimed and previously registered real rights (like unauthorized area expansions without construction permits).

  • Sanctions against the document submitter hindering state registration.

Particular attention should be paid to the state registration of a special property right on future real estate constructions.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it required to get the consent of the other spouse to alienate the property, if the spouses are already separated?

It is necessary to acquire the consent, because in this case the marital status of the spouses at the time of purchase of the property is of legal importance.

Is it required to acquire owners’ consent to alienate the property in case of shared ownership?

Yes, it is, unless the property is received by way of gift.

Can I sell my share of a joint property to a third party without notifying the other owners?

No, because the owner has a right of pre-emption over the share to be sold. Such a transaction can be easily invalidated by a court decision.

Is it possible to transfer the ownership rights to real estate that hasn’t been put into operation?

No, because it hasn’t been registered at the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine yet.

How to verify apartment ownership?

To ascertain the ownership of an apartment, an extract from the State Register of Real Property Rights is required. This can be obtained online through the Justice House portal, by navigating to the “Information” section of the State Register of Real Property Rights, using an electronic signature for authentication.

What are the specifics of registering ownership rights on land plots?

State registration of ownership rights on a land plot is conducted upon entering the relevant data into the State Land Cadastre.

For state registration of ownership rights on a land plot, through its transfer from state or communal property to private ownership, a decision from an executive body or local self-government body regarding the transfer of the land plot is required, or a decision approving the land management documentation for the formation of the land plot and its transfer to ownership.

State registration of ownership rights following notarial acts, which result in the acquisition, change, or termination of real rights, is carried out simultaneously with such notarial acts. If new real estate objects are created as a result of the notarial act, requiring additional actions by the owner, such as obtaining an address, state registration of rights is carried out after complying with all procedures by approaching a state registrar.

How is the registration of real estate ownership conducted?

State registration is an official process where the state acknowledges and confirms the occurrence of acquiring, changing, or ending real property rights and any encumbrances on these rights. This process is carried out by entering relevant details into the State Register of Real Property Rights. 

For effective management and legal acknowledgment of real estate, registration in this register is compulsory.

The registration procedure involves submitting specific details about the property to the electronic register, including its technical characteristics and associated rights. 

This registration is vital for several reasons: it offers protection against illegal property seizure (raiding) and document forgery, is necessary for official residence registration, is a prerequisite for entering into utility service agreements, and conducting property transfers or other transactions involving property whose rights are subject to state registration.

Our legal assistance approach:

  • Legal Audit of Client Documents and State Registers: Initially, our lawyers conduct a thorough review of the client’s documents and relevant registry data, determining any further documents that are required. They also engage in strategic discussions with the client to formulate a plan for achieving their goals.

  • Preparation of Legal and Technical Documents: We ensure the necessary documents for registration are legally compliant, including preparing technical reports, updating the Unified State Electronic System in Construction, obtaining cadastral numbers, etc.

  • State Registration in the Appropriate Registers: Following document preparation and actions aligned with the project roadmap, we proceed with the state registration of rights. This final step provides the client with a legal document confirming their rights to the property. 

Obtaining BTI certificates and excerpts from household books

As an additional service upon agreement, we facilitate the process of creating inquiries and acquiring a range of extracts and certificates. This includes obtaining the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) and archival certificates from local self-governing bodies.

This service is particularly useful for transactions involving property rights acquired before 2013. During this period, the process of registering or formalizing property rights was managed by various authorities, enterprises, and organizations. We specialize in retrieving information (such as certified references and document copies) about rights that were initially recorded on paper-based media.

We are equipped to provide comprehensive support in various real estate dealings, including the preparation of all necessary documentation for the required registration procedures in state registries. If you have any queries or need assistance, please feel free to consult with our legal experts.

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