Registration as a participant of the gas market in Ukraine

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 35 000 UAH
Entering the gas market
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What we offer

  • Support the process of obtaining an EIC code needed to operate in the gas market;
  • Support the signing of the agreement with the GTS Operator needed to obtain gas transportation services;
  • Provide assistance in obtaining access to the І-platform;
  • Advise on obtaining the shipper code;
  • Advise and sign the agreement for gas storage in the “customs warehouse” regime;
  • Prepare and submit all necessary documents for the company’s inclusion in the gas market.
  • Support the process of accreditation at the Exchange, which is necessary for gas trading.
  • Advise on issues related to the registration as a gas market participant.


Documents required

List of documents
Company’s EDRPOU code
Contact details of the company
Constituent documents of the company

The list of documents needed to be included in the gas market for the start of work is small, but it increases in the process of joining the market. 

To start the procedure you will need the following basic package of documents:

  • The company’s constituent documents;
  • Contact details of the company;
  • The actual address of the company;
  • Documents confirming the presence of the premises.

In addition, according to the licensing regulations, employees of your company must be officially employed and have written contracts or agreements. But we can tell you how to optimize this part of the work as you join the market.

Service packages offers

5000 UAH
  • Oral introductory consultation regarding the list of necessary actions and documents for registration as a participant in the gas market in Ukraine
  • A formalized proposal for the optimal algorithm of actions in the Client's situation
  • Answers to the previously provided questions of the Client regarding the timing and cost of providing the service
Road map
from 10 000 UAH
  • Development of a roadmap (written consultation) for the full cycle of the company's inclusion in the "gas market" in Ukraine
  • A formalized proposal for the optimal algorithm of actions in the Client's situation
  • Preparing answers to the previously provided questions of the Client regarding the start of his business in Ukraine and the nuances of the registration process as a market participant
from 35000 UAH
  • Advising on the list of documents required to include a company in the gas market, timing and cost (introductory consultation)
  • Preparation of a package of documents required for the inclusion of a company in the gas market
  • Monitoring the state of affairs in state bodies for inclusion in the register, signing contracts, etc. (market inclusion)
  • Organization of access to electronic platforms for carrying out activities on the gas market

Legal advice on registering as a gas market participant

Registration as a gas market participant is a complicated process divided into several steps. If you want to understand all the nuances and have your questions answered, we recommend that you contact our lawyers for an introductory consultation.

At such consultation you will find out:

  • What needs to be done once the company is connected to the gas market?

  • Do I have to install additional equipment for the gas supply?

  • Who do you need to conclude contracts with in order to start operations?

The introductory consultation is an opportunity to get to know the lawyer who will deal with your case and to agree with him on a step-by-step algorithm of actions. We are focused on ensuring that you can achieve your objective in the shortest possible time, so we explain everything in detail and in simple language, rather than simply quoting legislation.

The timeframe for inclusion in the gas market is about a month. 

In the course of work there is always a need for additional costs associated, for example, with the receipt of electronic digital signatures, accreditation at the Ukrainian Energy Exchange, etc. The total amount of such costs is about UAH 5K.

Our experts can tell you the exact amount of legal services on registration as a gas market participant in Ukraine after clarifying all the details.

The procedure of joining the gas market includes a number of stages, such as: 

  • Signing of a Gas Transmission Agreement;
  • Signing of a Gas Distribution Agreement;
  • Accreditation at the Exchange.
We will help you to make head of the documents and provide A to Z legal support for the whole procedure. Our lawyers can also help with obtaining a Gas License.

Why us

Long experience in providing legal services to energy companies
Our lawyers have been obtaining licenses since the very beginning of their existence. We know all the details of the licensing process for energy companies: both in the gas and electricity sector.
Comprehensive approach to achieving the Client’s goal
We don’t just help you to get a license or to enter the gas market, we achieve our Client’s ultimate goal. We can solve your problem in a complex, not just to get a “paper” or to conduct registration/signing.
Assistance in obtaining the license before the startup
Our wide range of services enables us not only to enter the gas market, but also to perform all parallel stages of the process, such as obtaining a license, obtaining an EIC code, developing a website in accordance with the licensing terms and conditions and signing a Gas Transmission Agreement.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

In order to start a gas supply business, it is enough to have only a free company. Everything else can be executed or obtained in the course of business. We can also check your documents, and help with passing the missing stages.

In addition, we suggest that our Clients start with an introductory consultation with a lawyer to discuss all the details of starting a business and analyze the future profitability of your gas project.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What to do with the company after entering the gas market? What business activity can I conduct?

After passing all stages of gas market inclusion, you will get access to the electronic platform in the system of GTS Operator and the system of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange, where you will be able to select Clients and sign agreements with them electronically.

Do I need special equipment to supply gas?

No, all you need for a successful operation from a technical point of view is a good computer and fast Internet.

Do I need a gas supply specialist and a platform specialist?

No. After connecting to the system, we will give you basic information about working with the platform. Another part of the training information will be provided to you by the GTS Operator.

Who else do I need to conclude agreement with besides the GTS Operator in order for the company to conduct gas trading activities?

Besides the stages related to the GTS Operator, you’ll need to formalize correctly the company’s relations with Oblgaz and the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.

The gas market reforms have been launched quite a long time ago, but unfortunately, they are not completed yet. Accordingly, we have to be ready for some compromises at the first stages. But we also have to understand that nothing ventured, nothing gained and the gas market is a very promising and fast-growing area that can bring significant revenues.

Our lawyers will create your business in the gas market on a turnkey basis - from obtaining a license to inclusion in the gas market and consulting.

We make solving legal issues simple.

If you want to become a participant of the gas market of Ukraine, as well as quickly and easily understand the subtle aspects of business activity, don’t hesitate to call us.

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