Licence of subsurface usage

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From 40 000 USD
Licence of subsurface usage
Licence of subsurface usage
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What we offer

  • help to determine the right type of subsurface use depending on the Client's wishes and needs;
  • provide a full list of documents to suit the Client's specific situation;
  • study the Client's needs in terms of the need to participate in an auction and the possibility of not participating in it;
  • accompany the Client throughout all stages of obtaining a permit for the use of subsoil;
  • accompany the entire process of permit issuance by the State Geology and Subsoil Service of Ukraine;
  • consulting on renewal of subsoil use permits in Ukraine;
  • accompany the Client through the process of interaction with local authorities and environmental inspections.


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If you need special permission (license) to use subsoil in Ukraine, we are able to help you in obtaining it.

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