Child support

Cost of services

Cost of services:

Starting at 1 500 UAH
Legal advice
Starting at 10 000 UAH
Preparation of a claim to get a child support court order
Starting at 15 000 UAH
Preparation of a statement of claim
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What we offer

  • We advise on various issues of alimony recovery, analyze documents and information provided by the Client;
  • We help to arrange for the payment of alimony to a child under 18 years of age, 18-23 years of age, as well as additional expenses;
  • We help to change the amount and method of alimony payment;
  • We help you to recover your child support debt;
  • We help to obtain the necessary documents (certificates, applications, conclusions, etc.);
  • We prepare all the necessary documents;
  • Submit documents to the court and control the movement of the case;
  • We provide a service of judicial representation;
  • We receive a court decision or a court order;
  • We accompany the executive process.


Documents to get child support payout (child support debt payment)

List of documents
Documents that prove the identity of parents and the child
A certificate of divorce of the parents
A document that confirms the amount of income of the payer or the possession of property

The general list of documents required from the Client when filing for child support:

  • copies of passport and ID number of the plaintiff (applicant) (defendant (the debtor) - if any);
  • A copy of the certificate confirming the divorce of the parents;
  • A copy of the certificate confirming the birth of the child (ren);
  • copies of proof of disability (if any);
  • A copy of the student ID card (if child support is for an adult child);
  • copies of checks, receipts for the coverage of additional expenses on the child (if any).

Documents that we help draw up (for a fee):

  • A copy of a court order or decision that had ruled to pay child support;
  • executive documents;
  • certificates that confirm the characteristics of the child (medical certificates, school certificates, etc.);
  • certificates from a kindergarten or school, clubs showing that the second parent does not communicate with the child and is not involved in  his/her upbringing;
  • a certificate that confirms the composition of the family;
  • documents that prove the amount of the salary of the future payer, the availability or lack of property;
  • a certificate from the university, which indicates that the child is studying full-time;
  • cortificates that confirm the need for an amount of child support larger than the minimum - for example, a certificate from courses with a specified amount, another contract-based current education, etc .;
  • certificates confirming that the payer has got other dependent children or disabled persons;
  • other documents, depending on the situation.

To determine the cost of the child support lawyer services, we need to know:

What type of service does the Client want to get:

  • get child support;
  • get the amount of child support increased;
  • get the amount of child support reduced;
  • recover child support payout debt;
  • The scope of work assigned to the lawyers of our company by the Client ;
  • The need for additional services (which do not affect the result, but without which paperwork is impossible).

The cost of litigation in cases related to child support alimony is starting at 2500 UAH for 1 court hearing.

Each type of service has its own characteristics.

Official fees, in the form of a court fee, are not included in the cost of services. It is fixed and is:

in the case of claims to reduce the amount of child support payout, paying off the child support payout debt - 1% of the price of the claim (minimum from  1.12  up to 768.40 UAH, maximum from 1.12  up to 10 035.00 UAH).
Our services are available to all locations of Ukraine.

You can contact our lawyers in any way convenient for you.

Our work can take place remotely, which saves you time.

Why us

Result guarantee
If we take on a case, it will be closed out. This is a guarantee of quality and gives you reason to be confident in the reliability of our company.
Full support of the case
Cooperating with our company, you will not have to interact with the state authorities, which significantly saves your time and effort.
Focus on work efficiency
Our company appreciates the time that our Clients spend, so we know how to structure our work with minimum involvement of you in all processes for getting child support.

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Enforcement of child support for a child aged 18-23 is possible if the child is incapable of work or is studying full-time.

Child support debt is enforced for a maximum of 10 years, regardless of the age of the children.

It will be an advantage to have various certificates in which it is indicated that the future payer (s) of child support is (are) not involved the life of the child.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it worth enforcing child support if the parent voluntarily helps the child?

In this case, it is possible to draw up an agreement between parents, where all the terms and conditions of payments will be specified. This contract is submitted to the executive service for enforcement. This will provide some guarantees for the future.

Can I get child support if the child is an adult?

Enforcement of the child support for a child who has reached 18 years of age is possible if the child is incapable of work due to his/her state of health or is studying full-time, but not longer than when they turn 23 years old.

If the parent does not pay child support, is the child obligated to pay child support to the parent in the future?

Обязанность детей обеспечивать родителей наступает, если они нетрудоспособны и нуждаются в материальной помощи. Но дети освобождаются от этой обязанности в случае, если докажут, что родитель не выполнял родительские обязательства (например, не платил алименты ребенку). The obligation of children to provide for their parents comes if they are disabled and need financial assistance. But children are exempted from this obligation if they prove that the parent did not fulfill their parental obligations (for example, did not pay child support).

For what period can I receive child support debt payment?

For the past 10 years. But if the payer was abroad or wanted and did not pay child support - they are the debt for all the elapsed time.

What you need to know about the enforcement of child support?

Child support is the material support of a child, which is paid in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine by one of the parents, on a voluntary or mandatory basis.

The amount of child support may be in the form of a share of the income of the mother, father or a fixed sum of money.

The child support amount cannot be more than ten minimum living wages for a child of the corresponding age. The minimum child support for one child may not be less than 50% of the minimum living wages for a child of the corresponding age.

Child support debt is collected regardless of whether the child is 18 years old or not.

A penalty (fine) is also collected, the amount of which is 1 % of the amount of child support that has not been paid, for each day of the skipped term.

We are ready to offer You child support lawyer for fathers with a great price too.

What can a child support lawyer do?

Our company has been operating in the legal services market of Ukraine for more than 10 years. During this time, we have gained invaluable experience and developed an optimum procedure of work in various legal situations.

Cooperating with us, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Reliability. If we take on a case it will be closed out. No delays due to our fault or excuses. We always critically evaluate your and our chances of success.
  • Minimum involvement in the process. In any matters related to personal relationships, the peace of mind of the Client is important. Especially if these are cases involving divorce or the enforcement of child support. We will be able to ensure your minimum involvement in the process, taking all actions upon ourselves.
  • Efficiency. The vast experience and accumulated knowledge in various areas of law allow our lawyers to approach the solution of the problem comprehensively and find the optimum result simply and quickly.
  • Availability. We are always in touch. There is no need to look for or call us - your personal Client-Manager will keep you informed of any progress in the case.

If you need to find a good child support lawyer that will help You with alimony and will be there for You 24 hours a day - get in touch with us!

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