Change of economic activities types for sole proprietorship

Cost of services

Cost of services:

3000 UAH
Cost of change of the economic activities types
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What we offer

  • Render assistance in choosing types of economic activities;
  • Fill in the forms, prepare a set of documents to be submitted to the registrar;
  • Submit documents to the registrar;
  • Obtain a paper confirmation of the change of the types of economic activities (at the Client’s request).


Documents and information required for changing the types of economic activities

List of documents
Power of attorney for our employes
Information on the types of economic activities to be included/excluded from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations (hereinafter - the Unified State Register)
Scanned copy of the extract on the registration of the individual entrepreneur or just the identification number

Our lawyers draft the power of attorney against the information provided by the Client.

The cost of services does not include the notary fee for certifying the power of attorney. 

We go ahead with work upon a full payment of our services.

The registration of change of the economic activities types takes one (1) business day after the Client provides us with information about new types of economic activities and the power of attorney for our employees.

Why us

Our company has been providing registration services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs since 2006
We have extensive experience in carrying out registration activities, including the registration of changes to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs’ data.
We strive not only to fulfill our obligations, but also to exceed your expectations
We understand that sometimes changes need to be registered in the shortest possible time, and state registrars are not always focused on the result. Therefore, we usually cooperate with notaries and other accredited registrars, who share our commitment: each Client is treated as the only Client.

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Our successful projects

Change in types of economic activity in 2022
We were approached by clients from Kyiv whom we successfully helped to change the types of economic activity

If you are a single tax payer and want to add new types of economic activities to the Unified State Register, you should inquire if these economic activities are not banned to be put under the simplified tax system. Otherwise, the status of a single tax payer may be revoked.

Answers to frequently asked questions

May I carry out economic activity without including it to the Unified State Register?

The law of Ukraine does not envisage any sanctions for carrying out economic activities that are not included in the Unified State Register, since the classification of types of economic activities is a statistical tool for the regulation of economic information. However, when signing agreements, potential partners may ask whether you are really entitled to carry out such economic activities. In addition, in case of single tax payers, this may give rise to some problems with tax authorities.

Is the individual entrepreneur obliged to specify the relevant economic activity in the Unified State Register before obtaining a license?

This depends on the type of the license. In fact, it depends on the practice of a licensing authority. Although the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing …” does not stipulate that the documents can be left without consideration if the type of economic activities to be licenced is not specified in the Unified State Register, some licensing authorities require it to be done.

Change of KVED (change of the type of economic activities) of individual entrepreneurs (Kyiv and regions)

According to the current law of Ukraine, any changes to the organizational data of a individual entrepreneur (KVED) shall come into force only upon their state registration.

Our firm has extensive experience in carrying out such registration procedures. We have been working in the legal services market for more than 10 years and this was one of the first practices for us as lawyers.

Over the years, we have not only studied the entire procedure, but also adjusted the process to the legislative developments. We can handle this procedure faster and more efficiently than others, and that’s a fact.

You can always check our Clients’ feedback on our website.

Procedure for registration of changes of types of economic activities of individual entrepreneurs

Once the Company is notified of your decision to order the service of the registration of change of KVEDs, our specialist will agree with you on the advance payment procedure, schedule a meeting with a notary to certify the power of attorney and elaborate on other important details.

Along with the certification of the power of attorney by a notary, the Client signs the  Legal Services Agreement with the Company, makes an advance payment, and provides the necessary documents.

We will deliver all the documents confirming that the new information on KVEDs has been successfully registered within the deadlines that have been agreed upon with the Client.

We can also change our standard procedure at your request.

Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm is not just another small player in the legal services market. We have set ourselves a goal, and we’re steady in our purpose. Our Company’s mission is to make the solution of any legal issues simple, safe and efficient, as well as to create a new standard of legal services in today’s market.

We look ahead and realize that today our Client wants to get a quick and effective solution to any issue. No one wants to spend his/her personal time digging into unnecessary information or listening to empty promises.

If we take the job, be sure of its successful completion. We will devote all our efforts and knowledge to address your problem in the simplest and fastest possible manner, and the main thing - without your personal participation.

If you want to learn more or order services, please don’t hesitate to contact our Company’s specialists.

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