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The “Problem loans” practice is one where we have accumulated the considerable experience.

Law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” has started its work with problem loans since the end of 2008 when many of our Clients faced the troubles of loan repayments.

As our Clients within this practice we can list not only companies, but also individuals.

We can help with problem loans from 100 000 USD.

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Termination of guaranty agreement. Law firm “Pravova Dopomoga”. Kiev, Ukraine

We offer the following legal services related to termination of guaranty in Ukraine:

1. Advising on matters related to termination of guaranty

Our lawyers will analyze your situation and determine whether it is possible to apply provisions about termination of guaranty. As the result of legal advice provision you will get:

  • clear understanding of the situation future development (opportunity to terminate guaranty without fulfillment of obligations under agreement or inability of such result achievement);
  • explanation of the most acceptable variants of actions which are required for the guaranty termination.

2. Pre-litigation settlement of a situation with a creditor

Solutions that are developed in legal advice will enable our experts to have a constructive dialogue with a creditor about termination of guaranty in the form which is the most beneficial for a guarantor and suitable for a creditor at the same time.

3. Support of litigation in termination of guaranty

We do our best not to let the dispute undergo court proceedings but if it is unavoidable our lawyers will protect guarantor’s interests in court.

Legal support of executive proceedings in problem loans

Our firm conducts legal support of executive proceeding which includes:

  • analysis of documents and advising Clients;
  • legal representation in relations with State Executive Service and trading organizations;
  • preparation of documents for legal support of executive proceeding;
  • analysis of actions of the Executive Service and trading organization on the matter of legality and also the contestation of unlawful actions;
  • development of an individual strategy depending on situation and Client's interests.
Restructuring problem loans

Our services on restructuring problem loans include:

  • legal audit of relations between our Client and a lender (audit of interest accrual, analysis of documents on the matter of loan agreement invalidity recognition, estimation of duration and possible outcomes of the litigation and others);
  • development of options for restructuring loan which would be acceptable for Client and for Bank as well;
  • legal representation of Client in dealings with the bank, submission and reasoning of proposals on reaching the agreement about the most beneficial restructuring options for the Client. Our lawyers deal with written communication with the bank as well as legal representation during personal meetings with officials of credit institution;
  • development of documents for loan restructuring.
Litigation support of problem loans

Within litigation support of problem loan disputes our company provides a full range of services:

  • analysis of the situation and possible strategies;
  • preparation of a claim and representation in court;
  • negotiation with a bank (when possible);
  • support of executive proceedings.

Service packages offers

from 4000 UAH
  • Preliminary analysis of the credit transaction documents (credit agreement, loan passport, pledge agreement, surety agreement)
  • Providing oral advice to the surety about the relationship with the debtor and creditors
  • Advising at the stage of providing financing/incurring debt
  • Providing oral advice to the debtor regarding the legality of the creditors' claims
from 10000 UAH
  • Detailed analysis of the documents of the credit transaction to identify inaccuracies and contradictions with the legislation
  • Studying the history of interactions (calls and correspondence) between the Client and the creditor in order to identify abuses and possible violations of the law
  • Study of the Client's documents for additional imposed services
  • Analysis of the legal status of intermediaries of a credit transaction
  • Development of a debt restructuring strategy with argumentation of methods and prospects for debt reduction / restructuring
  • Development of a debt restructuring strategy, with argumentation of methods and prospects for debt reduction / restructuring
  • Conducting direct negotiations with creditors on the subject of debt restructuring or the possibility of amendments to loan documents
  • Conducting direct negotiations between the Client and creditors for violations of consumer protection legislation
  • Detailed advice to the Client regarding the further fate of the collateral
  • Preparation of applications and letters for the NBU in the context of violations by the lender of the legislation on the provision of financial services
  • Representing the interests of the Client at the stage of enforcement proceedings
  • Advising the Client on declaring him bankrupt
  • Representation of the client\'s interests in judicial and state authorities

Additional information about the practice

In the process of acquiring experience in this field our firm has developed effective support methods of credit cases in judicial and enforcement proceeding. At the same time, the distinct feature of our work in this sphere is the extrajudicial settlement of credit disputes. A correct understanding of bank’s position and debtor’s position as well as analysis of court dispute perspectives, usually allows us to bring sides to mutually beneficial settlement of an issue.

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