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Achieving the status of a volunteer organization in Ukraine is a crucial step for entities aiming to engage in volunteer activities. This status not only facilitates collaboration with state and international organizations but also enables access to support and financial assistance for various projects.

Proper documentation is key, particularly if the plan involves attracting foreign volunteers and legalizing their stay in Ukraine based on their volunteer activities. This includes processing visas and residency permits.

This article will elaborate on the process of obtaining volunteer organization status in Ukraine and list the essential documents needed for this purpose.

How to obtain the status of a volunteer organization in Ukraine and where to apply?

The status of a volunteer organization is defined in its Charter and corresponding organizational-administrative documents. Once the founding documents are correctly prepared or updated to meet requirements, the next step involves registering the organization in the Registry of Non-Profit Organizations.

Another crucial step is to list the organization's information on the website of the National Social Service of Ukraine (referred to as NSSU). This agency is responsible for keeping a list of organizations and institutions that engage foreign volunteers in their activities. To have this information listed on the website, the organization must contact the NSSU and submit the required documents.

The first steps for an organization to attain volunteer status

Initially, it's essential to prepare a letter to publish information about the organization on the website of the National Social Service. This letter should contain the organization's name, its EDRPOU code, legal and postal addresses, contact details, the official website, and information about its leader. Along with the letter, attach a copy of the extract from the organization's state registration and its Charter.

The Charter must meet specific criteria, notably:

  • Clearly defined volunteer activity areas as prescribed in the Law of Ukraine "On Volunteer Activities";
  • A stipulation that the organization is non-profit and operates by engaging volunteers.

This information aids the National Social Service in determining whether the organization's activities are volunteer-based and how they will be conducted.

Additionally, a copy of the certificate confirming the organization's non-profit status should be provided.

Once the information is published on the National Social Service website, the organization is deemed to have acquired volunteer organization status. This allows it to attract volunteers, both Ukrainian and foreign, to its activities and programs.

Please note! Only charitable funds and non-governmental organizations can receive this status, as they can be classified as non-profit. Therefore, organizations with a commercial or profit-oriented focus cannot obtain volunteer status. That's why it's crucial to determine the appropriate legal-organizational form before applying.

Obtaining a non-profit status certificate for an organization

A non-profit status certificate is essential for acquiring the status of a volunteer organization. To get this certificate, an organization needs to be included in the Register of Non-Commercial Organizations and Institutions, a process handled by the State Tax Service.

It's important to differentiate between the decision to include in the Register of Non-Profit Institutions and Organizations and the extract from this Register. The decision is issued only once, right after the organization is added to the register, whereas you can request the extract as many times as needed.

For example, if an organization was registered and added to the register last year, but this year wants to be included in the list of volunteer organizations, submitting the decision to include in the Register of Non-Profit Institutions and Organizations is not appropriate. This is because the National Social Service requires documentation for the current year of application.

To obtain the extract, the organization should approach the tax office where it is registered. This involves completing and submitting a relevant request, processed by the tax office within three working days. The outcome is an extract from the Register of Non-Profit Institutions and Organizations, updated as of the date of issuance.

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Assistance in obtaining volunteer organization status in Ukraine

Gaining the status of a volunteer organization in Ukraine is a crucial step in the evolution of volunteer activities, especially if you plan to involve foreign volunteers. This requires compliance with legislative requirements and providing the correct documentation to the National Social Service of Ukraine.

Our legal firm specializes in supporting organizations in obtaining volunteer status, as well as addressing other legal issues related to their activities. Our experts, with extensive experience in this field, are ready to offer professional assistance to ensure the successful attainment of the necessary status:

  • We will help you evaluate your Charter and founding documents;
  • Assist in gathering the required documentation;
  • If needed, submit a complete set of documents to the National Social Service;
  • Handle all legal aspects of the process.

Do not delay seeking professional help, as our legal support can help you effectively carry out your mission and make the world a better place.

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Publication date: 23/11/2023
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