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Work permit obtainment for foreigner in Kiev (Ukraine)
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The procedure for obtaining work permits for foreigners demands a meticulous approach to crafting the necessary documents. 

In this article, we will delve into key aspects of properly assembling the document package, both for the recruitment of foreign workers and the subsequent extension of work permits for foreigners. 

If you are considering hiring foreign staff, here are some recommendations for document collection and the smooth renewal of permits. Alternatively, if you prefer not to handle this process independently, we can take care of the entire procedure for you.

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The Initial Step in Obtaining a Foreigner's Work Permit

First and foremost, a properly filled-out application is essential. The initial phase in securing a foreigner's work permit involves submitting an application to the designated authority, typically the relevant Employment Center. It's crucial to highlight that the format of this application is sanctioned by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and deviation from this prescribed form may result in the rejection of document acceptance.

The application should encompass details about the foreign worker, their prospective position, and information about the employer, including their address, contact details, primary business activities, and more.

The particulars of the foreigner, such as their surname, first name, and patronymic, must align with the passport translation submitted to the Employment Center, and the translation itself should be notarially certified.

An important addition to the legislation is the requirement to include the employer's account number in the application. This is instituted to facilitate the return of funds to the specified account in case of permit refusal.

Additionally, a well-crafted photo is a significant component. The applicant's photograph must adhere to official specifications: color, dimensions of 3.5 x 4.5 cm, a white background, and a clear depiction of the face without head coverings or glasses.

Concluding an Employment Agreement between an Employer and a Foreign Worker

An indispensable element of the document compilation is the employment agreement (or contact) between the foreign national and the employer in Ukraine. The agreement must adhere to Ukrainian legislation, covering all necessary conditions. It is crucial to emphasize that the term of the employment agreement is tied to the validity period of the work permit, necessitating its alignment with the same duration.

It is noteworthy that a copy of the draft employment agreement is submitted to the Employment Center, with each page duly authenticated by the employer in accordance with GOST requirements. The actual employment agreement with the foreign worker is formalized after securing the permit, and copies must be submitted to the Employment Center within a 10-day period from its execution. Failure to comply will result in the revocation of the permit.

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Is There a Fee for Obtaining a Foreign Worker's Work Permit?

One of the components of obtaining a work permit is the payment for its issuance. The payment is made to the bank account of the Employment Center, where you submit your documents using specific details. These details are typically published on the official website. Ensure to specify the correct amount and purpose of the payment to avoid delays in the application processing.

It's crucial to note that the payer for this fee is not the foreigner obtaining the permit but rather the employer. In the "Purpose of Payment" section, it is mandatory to include the full name of the foreigner and the name of the employer (in full or abbreviated form).

Documents Required for Obtaining or Renewing a Foreigner’s Work Permit

The list of documents required for obtaining or renewing a work permit for foreigners is nearly identical, but there are a few key differences to note.

1. Reduced Fee for Renewal. The fee for renewing a permit is always lower than for obtaining a new one. It's essential to consider this aspect and to verify the appropriate amounts on the official employment center website.

2. Same Photo Size as Initial Application. For the renewal of the permit, it's important to provide a high-quality photo of the same size as initially required, i.e., a color photograph measuring 3.5x4.5 cm, with a white background, and a clear image of the face without any headwear or sunglasses. It's not permissible to use the same photo as the one submitted during the initial application, and the photo should not be older than six months.

3. Filling Out an Extension Application. To extend the validity of the permit, one needs to fill out an extension application form as established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The application must be accurately and filled out, meeting the requirements, and containing up-to-date information.

4. No Need to Submit an Employment Agreement and Translation of the Foreigner's Passport. Generally, for the renewal of the permit, there's usually no need to submit copies of the employment agreement and a translation of the foreigner's passport. However, in some rare cases, these documents might be required, for instance, if the foreign national changes their passport or if there are changes to the terms of the employment agreement.

In summary, obtaining and renewing a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine is an essential process that requires meticulous attention and compliance with Ukrainian legal requirements. Accurate preparation of the document package, adherence to legislative conditions, and prompt actions are key to successfully acquiring the permit and avoiding potential future complications.

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We recommend reaching out to our experts for professional consultation and assistance in preparing and submitting the necessary documents for a Work Permit in Ukraine. Our team, with extensive experience in this area, is prepared to offer effective support throughout the process.

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