Where to get a fuel license?

There are several types of Fuel Licenses: 

  • to manufacture fuel; 
  • to trade in fuel (retail and wholesale trading) without salespoints; 
  • to wholesale fuel with salespoints; 
  • to store fuel. 

The list of documents required for submission, as well as the list of requirements that must be met will depend on the type of activity that fits your business model.

Today we will briefly outline the procedure of obtaining a Fuel License in general, as well as tell you about the terms and price of starting your business in this area.

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Who issues the Fuel License in Ukraine?

The licensing authority depends on the type of permit. For example, a license for wholesale trade or production of fuel is issued by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. But the permit for activities related to retail trade or storage of fuel is issued by the State Tax Service at the place of the relevant activity. 

Time limits for obtaining the Fuel License.

The period of issuing the license is 1 month.

The license validity period is 5 years. 

These types of licenses are issued in paper form. It is possible to check the readiness of the license in a special state register. 

In the process of providing the service, our lawyers will monitor the register and immediately notify you of the readiness of the license, and then give you a paper version of the license.

The procedure of obtaining a license for storage of petroleum products and other types of fuel licenses.

Documents are submitted to the Tax Service in paper or electronic form (PDF format), but for the duration of quarantine measures, documents are submitted only by means of the Ukrposhta services or by delivery through a box for receiving documents in the premises of the licensing authority. 

When applying for the Fuel License, the licensee shall pay the following official fees:

  • for obtaining a license for fuel production and storage - 780 UAH per year;
  • for obtaining a license for retail trade in fuel - 2,000 UAH per year for each point of sale;
  • for obtaining a license for wholesale trade in fuel with salespoints - 5,000 UAH per year for each point of sale;
  • for obtaining a license for wholesale trade in fuel without salespoints - 10,000 UAH per year. 

The main problem of obtaining the Fuel License is not the preparation of documents, but their availability at the Client. In most cases, a person may not fully understand what documents he/she needs, or misinterpret the legislation. 

For example, a common problem when obtaining a retail/wholesale/storage license with a point of sale/storage is the absence of the Commissioning Certificate for an object or an equivalent document. Very often they try to solve this problem by taking advantage of the loophole in the law, which says that there is no need to submit the Certificate when commissioning the facility before 2014. It is necessary to understand that the facility in this case is the place of storage (construction together with the land plot!). And the ownership rights to them shall be registered before 2014. In case of lease of the premises, the transfer of the land plot shall also be prescribed in the lease agreement. 

Our lawyers can conduct preliminary consultation in order to answer your questions and review the documents you have. Then you can try to obtain a license without our assistance, but using our advice and instructions, or entrust us with obtaining a Fuel License on a turnkey basis.

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Please note! Apart from these mistakes, there are many other pitfalls related to the process of obtaining a license, which will have to be performed correctly and on time. For example, in the case of obtaining a license, where the actual point of sale/storage does not correspond to the legal address of the company, you will need to additionally register in the tax office at the new address of business activity. 

We will take into account all the subtle aspects of your situation and help you get a Fuel License easily and quickly. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists.

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Publication date: 12/08/2020

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