How to get a license for wholesale fuel without places of sale?

So far, people believe that starting a business related to fuel trade is extremely complicated and involves large investments. Therefore, only oligarchs do it. However, there are quite simple legal ways to start a business without special investments and within the shortest possible time.

It should be understood that any business activity related to petroleum products, which goes beyond the sale of fuel in tanks up to 5 liters, is subject to licensing. Without such a document, you will get only millions of fines for unlicensed activity.

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As for fuel trade, there are 3 main licenses that differ in terms of the scope of activities that can be legally conducted by a business entity.

1. Fuel Retail License.

This is the most understandable and classic example of trade, which means selling fuel to the population at filling stations. Retail trade requires you to set up a retail location, which will be built in accordance with the technical fire and sanitary standards, and which will be equipped with proper equipment.

Despite its conceptual simplicity, in practice it is extremely difficult to obtain a Fuel Retail License, because in most cases people do not have proper documents for launching the filling station. The fact that launching this type of facility is a fairly corrupt area, and obtaining all the necessary documents for the filling station is a costly process, also complicates the procedure.

2. Fuel Wholesale License with the place of supply.

The key difference between this license and the previous one is that the buyer must be another business entity (a legal entity, a sole proprietor). However, there are still the same difficulties associated with the place of supply / storage of fuel.

3. Fuel Wholesale License without the place of supply.

If you are just starting your business in this area, it is worth thinking about wholesale trade in fuel without the place of supply, because this type of business activity is subject to the simplest legal requirements.

The wholesale trade without places of supply means that the business entity buys large batches of fuel, which are later sold at a higher price in small bulk. Thus, significant investments can be avoided, as there is no need to create infrastructure for the storage and release of fuel. Wholesalers usually keep the purchased fuel at the manufacturer until the product is shipped immediately to the buyer. However, such conditions shall be specified in the supply agreements.

The procedure for obtaining the license is relatively easier due to fewer necessary documents, and thus can be handled as quickly as possible, if you have necessary templates. The official fee for obtaining a Fuel Wholesale Licence without a place of supply amounts to UAH 10,000.

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Our company has extensive experience supporting the procedure of obtaining Fuel Wholesale Licenses without places of supply. Despite the fact that the period of obtaining such a license has increased during quarantine, we managed to obtain 3 licenses for our Clients in June 2020. You can see the Clients’ feedback and examples of licenses on our service page.

You may benefit from using the assistance of a professional lawyer in this case due to the following factors:

  • Prompt execution. We get the license within the shortest possible time, because we prepare the documents within the minimum period of time, and have contacts with the performers who review the applications;
  • Ready-made result. We can organize work remotely, without official meetings, trips, handshakes and other unnecessary rituals.

So, if you want to start a business engaged in fuel trade, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists can help you.

If you want to get all the information about getting a license, please follow the link.

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Publication date: 10/07/2020

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