Stages and cost of obtaining a license for the supply of natural gas

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The Gas Supply License
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The Gas Supply License, including the development of the website
Gas License in Ukraine
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In September 2022, a Client approached us with a request for a natural gas supply license. He was interested in the terms of obtaining the license in war conditions, and what was required of him. Our experts provided all the information and helped the client successfully obtain a natural gas supply license.

In our article, we will share our client's experience and tell you more about how everything happens in practice.

What must a company have before obtaining a natural gas supply license?

In order to obtain a natural gas supply license, a company must have:

  • Electronic digital signature (EDS);
  • A website that meets license requirements;
  • An active phone number (i.e., a real valid number);
  • Email address;
  • Lease agreement for non-residential premises.

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Why should one make an EDS before obtaining a license?

An EDS comes in handy for filing documents. The point is that documents are submitted exclusively in electronic format through the electronic portal. They shall be attached and signed with a special key.

Therefore, obtaining an EDS can be considered the first step in obtaining a license. If you already have a key, it shortens the path.

Website development and further steps to obtain a license

The development of a website is one of the most important stages of obtaining a license. Without a website, you can't get a license. But not everything is so simple. The website must also meet a number of requirements. Read more about this here.

Next, you must register the personal account of the company on an electronic portal, prepare documents and submit them to the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC).

Our specialists fully undertake the development of the website, registration of a personal account, registration of all documents and perform all procedures for obtaining a license on a turnkey basis.

The only point where you can't do without the personal presence of the CEO is the creation of an EDS. However, we can arrange its production and provide the necessary contacts. If you already have a key, then the question, respectively, becomes irrelevant.

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How do I apply for a Gas License in Ukraine?

A Lease Agreement.– Everything seems to be clear here. Its requisites, as well as the size of the premises (square footage), the availability of conditions for access by persons with limited mobility, are specified in the statements. Characteristically, there are no special requirements for it. However, attention should be paid to the fact that the lease/sublease agreement cannot be concluded before the creation of the legal entity.

A telephone number. An employee of the NEURC makes a control call to the specified number. If it is not answered, it is regarded as providing an inoperative number and, therefore, unreliable information. This is grounds for refusal without the right to apply again in the next 3 months. Thus, after applying for a license, we recommend that you pick up the phone from all unknown callers and always be in touch.

Email address. It's the same situation as with the phone number. But, as you may understand, with the mail there is no such a problem as answering the phone, but you will need to send a reply letter.

The cost of obtaining a Natural Gas Supply License

The cost of our services can be found on our Gas Supply License page, as well as from our staff.

The official fee for issuing a license is one living wage at the time of issuance. If you handle the development of the website on your own or through other professionals, we cannot estimate the cost of this. If you use our services, the price is indicated on the above page.

Also, the cost of making EDS varies greatly depending on the services: from UAH 180 to more than UAH 1,000. There are also free resources where you can make EDS. For example, in the STI.

After obtaining the license, we proceed with the procedure for entering the gas market. All the details can be found here.

Publication date: 12/12/2022
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