Changing the Ltd members in relation to the heritance of share in authorized capital

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Changing members of an LLC
Change of LLC members in Ukraine
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A client, who became an heir of corporate rights of the person, who was a sole participant and a director of LLC, contacted our firm in January 2019. The client wanted to register the company on himself, so he was interested.

  • where to start registration of corporate rights due to their inheritance;
  • how long the procedure of re-registration of corporate rights lasts.

Our lawyers provided the following advice:

  • Where to start the procedure of re-registration of corporate rights.

The procedure should be started with drawing up of documents at a notary. The most important document is a certificate of heirship. Once the certificate of heirship is on hand, you can proceed to the re-registration of the inheritance. Registration procedure is conducted in two stages. Firstly, it is need to change a membership of the company at a public register. For this purpose, a copy of the above mentioned certificate of heirship and a notarial application for entry into a membership of the company should be submitted. After changing the membership (and in this case a member was the only one) all other actions are conducted, namely, change of a head, approval of a new version of a charter, if necessary, change of location of the company.

  • How long the procedure of re-registration of corporate rights lasts.

From the moment when an heir obtained the certificate of ownership of inheritance (a share in the authorized capital) it is possible to make changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Sole Proprietors in a few days. The key point is a professional drafting of documents, among which are the charter and minutes of the general meeting, which are certified notarially. Properly prepared documents will save a new participant of LLC from registration denial for making changes from a public register. Furthermore, it will not be necessary to correct errors in the documents and incur additional expenses for notarial services.

A contract for the provision of legal services was concluded between the client and our firm after conducting advice. All the necessary documents were drafted with the help of our notary, and soon the necessary registration actions were conducted.

If you are interested in changing a membership of LLC, including changes due to the acquisition of a share in inheritance, please, contact us for cooperation at number: 0 800 330 967

Publication date: 28/01/2019
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