How do I get a fuel license? Requirements for obtaining a license

In June 2020, our company was contacted by a Client, a local distributor of products, who wanted to expand his business by entering the fuel trade market in Ukraine.

This decision was justified by the fact that the Client already had a license to store fuel for filling his own motorcade, so he had a certain package of documents for the filling station. The official start of the filling station looked like an easy way to get additional income.

Since obtaining a Fuel License is a standard service for us, we helped the Client by acting according to the following algorithm:

1. Preliminary consultation. 

The work of our lawyers began with an introductory consultation, where we found out the details of the Client’s situation and reviewed the main documents available to him. The main purpose of the introductory consultation is to determine the Client’s ultimate goal and assess the practical possibility of its implementation.

As a result, we found some problems with the available documents, despite the fact that the main documents seemed to be prepared to start work.

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2. Obtaining the necessary documents. 

We have identified some problematic points in the documentation that could have prevented us from obtaining the license:

  • The Client didn’t have a permit to operate the high-risk equipment;
  • The lease agreement contained errors in the data on the area of the premises and other inaccuracies and omissions (for example, the lease agreement didn’t specify the transfer of the land plot under the leased building, which is required by the Civil Code of Ukraine).

Our specialists always perform a preliminary audit of documents to understand the possibility of obtaining a license: we find legal inaccuracies in the documents, both critical and cosmetic, and always form a proposal on how to better eliminate them. This mainly concerns cases when the facility belongs to the Client on thebasis of the right of use (as a lessee / sublessee), and the parties to the legal relationship have drawn up their agreements and additional documents in violation of the basic contracting rules.

Please note! The Tax Service, within its competence, pays attention to the conditions of transferring the property for use, and some critical mistakes can lead to rejection of a Fuel Trading License.

Our company provides a full-fledged comprehensive service for obtaining a Fuel License. This means that we can prepare / help you obtain all the documents, except for the document on commissioning of the facility.

In the case of the Client, we have helped him obtain the necessary permit to operate high-risk equipment. We have also prepared the appropriate agreements, acceptance and transfer certificates and supporting documents certifying that the Client’s legal use of the facility.

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3. Obtaining the Fuel License.

As a result, although the order was not standard, we managed to obtain a Fuel Retail License for the Client. We do not just perform individual tasks and prepare documents for obtaining a license, we obtain it.

The practical value of our services is not the formation of an application for a license or providing bank details for payment, and courier work for delivering documents to the licensing authority. Taking an order means that we will do our best to make sure that the Client gets the license, not just an explanation of what documents are needed.

If you want to get the Fuel License easily and safely, don’t hesitate to call us.

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Publication date: 17/08/2020

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