How to get a residence permit in Ukraine for members of a non-governmental organization, representative office, branch?

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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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Separate subdivisions of foreign non-governmental organizations, representative offices, branches of foreign charitable organizations, which have received accreditation in Ukraine, have the right to involve citizens of Ukraine and foreigners in their activities.

It is logical that almost all foreign subdivisions of such organizations, in order to build their core activities, first attract their specialists and top managers, and these, as a rule, are foreigners.

At this stage, the first question arises: is it necessary to get a permit for them to use foreigners' labor.

Our lawyers are constantly monitoring this question, due to the fact that the legislation of Ukraine is subject to frequent changes. Today, the Law that regulates this question clearly defines that they do not need a work permit: employees of foreign representative offices registered on the territory of Ukraine.

Additionally, note that there are other categories that also do not need such a permit, for example:

  • foreigners who have a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • sportsmen;
  • mass media workers;
  • persons participating in the implementation of international technical assistance projects;
  • clergymen arriving for canonical activities, and some others.

Yes, the absence of the need to obtain a work permit is a significant advantage - there is no need to prepare an additional package of documents and submit it to the Employment Center, pay a lot of money for the permit itself. But it is still necessary to properly prepare documents for such foreigners to enter Ukraine and legalize their stay.

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Obtaining a visa to Ukraine for employees of a representative office of a foreign non-governmental organization

First, you need to decide on a visa. If a foreigner enters a country with a visa order, it is necessary to obtain a visa with D-07 coding. If you get a visa with a different coding, it will be impossible to apply for a temporary permit on the basis of participation in the activities of a non-governmental organization.

If a visa-free entry is possible, it is necessary to calculate the period of stay correctly, taking into account all entries for the last 180 days. You must submit the documents for a temporary residence permit no later than 15 business days before the set period of stay expires.

With the preparation of the package of documents, filing and filling out the electronic visa application form, our experts will help you find a consular office, with free places for registration, where it will be convenient for you to submit documents.

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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for employees of a representative office of a foreign non-governmental organization

After obtaining a visa and entering Ukraine, our specialists will prepare a package and organize the submission of documents for a temporary residence permit. To do this, you need to correctly draw up an application to the migration service on behalf of a non-governmental organization, determine which documents confirm its accreditation in Ukraine, draw up a relevant health insurance policy for a foreigner, and make appropriate translations.

Our lawyers will help to elaborate and execute all these documents. At the same time, a lawyer and a foreigner will be enough for submission of documents to the migration service. From representatives of non-governmental organization you need only accreditation documents and signed application, the draft of which will be prepared by our migration lawyer.

After submitting the documents, we monitor the readiness of the permit, and then organize the receipt of the permit, and assist in the registration of the place of residence. We explain the rules of foreigner's stay in Ukraine, which must be observed in order to avoid the occurrence of grounds for cancellation of the certificate.

A temporary residence permit for participants of non-governmental organizations is issued for a period of up to 1 year.

It is the temporary residence permit that will confirm a foreigner's legal status in Ukraine and will allow him not to worry about the terms of stay for a year. The certificate, if necessary, can be continued, and in case of need you can apply for its cancellation.

Last year, we were contacted by several representative offices of foreign charitable foundations regarding accreditation in Ukraine. Now they all work successfully and attract foreigners from different countries: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, USA, Azerbaijan, Spain, England etc.

Our specialists provided full support of legalization of foreigners, including preparation of documents for obtaining:

  • visas (translations, insurances, applications, letters of guarantee, filling out visa applications, etc.);
  • a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for one year (translations, insurances, applications, organizing the application);
  • registration of the place of residence;
  • if necessary – cancellation of residence permit.

If your organization is planning to invite many foreign workers to Ukraine, you will be formed a separate package to optimize the time of arrival of your specialists.

Applying to our specialists, you get legal and accounting assistance of highly qualified specialists, who have considerable practical experience and quality services.

Check out our service fees here.

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Publication date: 20/01/2023
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