How to check a land plot in Ukraine before buying?

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To understand whether it is necessary to audit documents for a land plot before buying, the answer to the question will help, what will happen if it is not done:
  • Due to a court decision, it can be taken from you and returned to the owner. Since there are frequent cases when a site is sold by a person without the proper right, although everything is correct according to the documents, as well as a notary certifies such agreements.
  • Litigation with neighbors is likely if you do not check the physical location of the site in the cadastre and on the ground (plot overlays).
  • You can actually purchase a plot of smaller area than it appears in the documents, etc.
  • Acquire a land with a designated purpose that does not correspond to the intention of its future use
  • When purchasing a plot, it will be discovered that it is impossible to use it for certain purposes, due to established restrictions, for example, such as easement or protected areas.
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Publication date: 05/04/2023

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