Is it possible to get an invitation to Ukraine during the war? How can a foreigner enter Ukraine?

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The war made adjustments in the work of all government agencies. And though the legislative acts regulating a particular issue have not changed, a lot of clarifications were added regarding the introduction of additional requirements and the conduct of appropriate inspections.

First of all, changes have been made to the activities of the units of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine. They are among the first to check foreigners who intend to cross the border and enter Ukraine.

In this article, our lawyers will tell you who can make an invitation letter to enter Ukraine during martial law.

Conditions for Crossing the Ukrainian Border with an Entry Invitation

Given the implementation of martial law in Ukraine, and recognizing that state authorities may not be able to ensure the safety of foreigners on Ukrainian territory, border officials must be clear on the following points when individuals cross the state border:

  • The purpose of the foreigner's entry (family reunification, assistance in evacuating relatives, employment, providing aid, engaging in scientific, medical, or volunteer activities, etc.).
  • The presence of a host party (a physical person or a legal entity, such as a family member, a non-governmental organization, a charitable foundation, a company, etc.).
  • Confirmation of accommodation arrangements.
  • Financial and material support during the stay, along with other relevant details

Our company's legal experts can assist in accurately presenting these details in the invitation that the foreigner will provide when crossing the border. 

Furthermore, a properly formulated invitation is essential for submitting an application to the consular office to obtain either a short-stay visa (Type C) or a long-stay visa (Type D).

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Requirements for Drafting an Invitation for a Foreigner to Enter Ukraine from a Legal Entity:

Due to the mass emigration of foreigners from Ukrainian territory to EU countries, there is a rising challenge of increased illegal migration, particularly from citizens of countries associated with "high-risk" migration. 

Consequently, the meticulous preparation of a document package for visa issuance involves effectively addressing various nuanced aspects, a task in which our specialists excel.

Essential conditions for an invitation, particularly when the inviting entity is a legal body such as an LLC, charitable or public organization, charitable foundation, etc., include: 

  • The legal entity extending the invitation must be duly registered in Ukraine.
  • The invitation should be formally documented on an official form, featuring the registration number from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Public Associations.
  • It must include the date and a valid signature.
  • Crucial details about the invited foreigner are mandatory, encompassing surname, given name, patronymic, date and place of birth, nationality, passport series, number, and date of issue, residential address, and the designated address for the foreigner's residence during their stay in Ukraine.
  • Specify the purpose of the visit, the envisaged duration of the stay in Ukraine, the number of entries, and the planned residence within Ukraine.
  • The legal entity must commit to covering potential expenses linked to the invited individual's stay and departure from Ukraine.

Our legal team has drafted close to 30 invitations over the past year on behalf of various legal entities, primarily for securing long-term Type D visas. These invitations have mainly originated from charitable foundations and public organizations, facilitating volunteer activities and employment opportunities in Ukraine. We provide comprehensive support to companies, both on an ongoing basis and for one-time invitation processing.

Furthermore, we offer assistance and guidance in completing the electronic visa application and navigating the online registration queue. Our specialists will also help individuals prepare for interviews with consular officials. 

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Invitations from Individuals vs. Invitations from Legal Entities

Additional documents may be required for an invitation. For example, if it's an invitation from an individual, it is essential to include their passport and a document confirming their right to reside in Ukraine (such as an ID or a residence permit), especially if the invitation is from a foreign citizen.

It's worth noting that an invitation from a legal entity has a higher likelihood of resulting in a positive outcome during the document submission process. This is because it is an original business or corporate invitation rather than a guest, private, or tourist invitation.

As all consulates have now shifted to electronic document submission for obtaining visas to enter Ukraine, some of our clients face challenges in registering an electronic account on the website and completing the electronic application form.

There are specific requirements that must be followed. Making mistakes at this stage could lead to a refusal to accept the documents.

It's important to highlight that our company's legal experts will assist not only in preparing the invitation but also in submitting and correctly filling out the electronic application form for the consular office of Ukraine.

If needed, we will also: 

  • Prepare you for the consulate interview.
  • Address the most common questions that may arise during the consul interview in your specific situation.
  • Provide recommendations on additional documents that may need to be submitted with the invitation to minimize risks and avoid refusals. 

We’ve encountered instances where requests and applications had to be directed to government authorities for entry into Ukraine. We handled these processes and ensured our client's entry into Ukraine.

You can find the cost of obtaining an invitation to Ukraine here.

Our company offers comprehensive support in all matters. Our specialists will provide qualified assistance and make the process of document preparation and submission as simple and convenient as possible.

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Publication date: 09/08/2022
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