Is it possible to get an invitation to Ukraine during the war? How can a foreigner enter Ukraine?

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The war made adjustments in the work of all government agencies. And though the legislative acts regulating a particular issue have not changed, a lot of clarifications were added regarding the introduction of additional requirements and the conduct of appropriate inspections.

First of all, changes have been made to the activities of the units of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine. They are among the first to check foreigners who intend to cross the border and enter Ukraine.

In this article, our lawyers will tell you who can make an invitation letter to enter Ukraine during martial law.

Conditions for crossing the border of Ukraine with an invitation letter to enter the country

After the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, given that government agencies cannot ensure the safety of foreigners in Ukraine, border guards should clearly understand the following points when crossing the state border:

  • purpose of entry of a foreigner (family reunification, assistance in evacuation of relatives, employment, assistance, scientific, medical or volunteer work);
  • availability of a host party (a physical or legal person, for example, someone from the relatives, a public organization, a charitable foundation, an enterprise, etc.);
  • provision of a place of residence;
  • financial and material support during the stay, and other things.

Our lawyers will help you to correctly set out all these points in the invitation letter, which the foreigner will provide at the border crossing.

In addition, a properly drafted invitation letter is also required for submission to the consular office to obtain a short-term visa C or long-term visa D.

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Requirements to an invitation letter for a foreigner to enter Ukraine

Now due to the mass departure of foreigners from the territory of Ukraine, the EU countries are faced with the problem of growth of illegal migration, especially foreign nationals from the so-called migration risk countries.

That is why there are many nuances in the preparation of documents for a visa, which can be successfully solved by our specialists.

Obligatory requirements for the invitation letter:

  • a legal entity inviting the foreigner must be registered in Ukraine;
  • it must be executed on the official letterhead containing the number in the United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual. Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations, the corresponding registration number;
  • the date and signature;
  • obligatory information about foreigner who is invited: surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, citizenship, passport series, number and date of issue, place of residence;
  • the purpose of the trip, period of planned visit to Ukraine, number of entries and place of residence in Ukraine
  • obligations of the legal entity to undertake possible expenses related to the stay and departure from Ukraine of the invited person.

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An invitation letter from a natural person VS an invitation letter from a legal entity

Additional documents may be required before the invitation. For example, if it is an invitation from a natural person you must add the person’s passport document and a document on the right of residence in Ukraine (a temporary or a permanent residence permit), if the invitation letter is from a foreign citizen.

Of course, an invitation letter from a legal entity gives more chances to obtain a positive result when submitting documents, due to the fact that this is a business invitation, not a guest, private or tourist invitation.

Due to the fact that as of today all consulates started to accept visa documents electronically, some of our clients have problems with registration of the cabinet on the website and filling out an electronic application form.

Please note that our company lawyers will help not only with drawing up an invitation letter, but also with submitting an electronic application form to the Ukrainian consular office.

The cost of obtaining an invitation letter to Ukraine here.

Our company provides support on all issues, our specialists will provide qualified assistance and make the procedure of registration and filing documents as simple and convenient as possible.

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Publication date: 09/08/2022

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