Registration of license for medical practice for ophthalmologist: most frequently asked questions from our practice

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Registration of medical license is a multiple-stage process with a lot of hidden pitfalls. For years of work in this direction, we have got considerable practical experience.

Today we would like to dwell on one narrow direction: registration of a license for medical practice for ophthalmologist.

We would like to offer you this material in form of answers for the most frequent questions that we get from Clients.In particular, we will consider examples of combining different medical specialties in one license, which can be interesting both for narrow-profile clinics and for general-purpose ones.

Question: What is the difference between pediatric and conventional ophthalmology in terms of equipment?

Answer: Both the ophthalmologist and the children's ophthalmologist have the same medical equipment. There are no differences on this item.

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Question: Can an ophthalmologist (not a children's one) provide medical help to children and a children's ophthalmologist - to adults?

Answer: No, they can not. An ophthalmologist can provide medical help only to the adult population, and a children’s ophthalmologist - only to children. The fact is that a license in one direction or another requires a particular diploma. A specialist who wants to provide services to both adults and children should have two diplomas in the specialties “Ophthalmology” and “Children's Ophthalmology”.

Question: Is it necessary to have a separate  dark room arranged?

Answer: The availability of a dark room of an ophthalmologist is a prerequisite for obtaining a license. In the event that the arrangement of this room is difficult, a part of the room must be used for this purpose and there must be a possibility to darken the room using blinds, shutters or blackout curtains.

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Question: What are the requirements for a dark room - square area and equipment?

Answer: The area of ??the dark room should be at least 8 square meters.. With regard to equipment, it is necessary to have these items available:

  • A chart panel;
  • A slit lamp;
  • A gonioscope;
  • An ophthalmoscope;
  • A bactericidal irradiator.

Question: If only one specialty is indicated in the Sanitary & Epidemiological Station (SES) certificate- ophthalmology, is it possible to obtain a license for children's ophthalmology under this certificate?

Answer: If the SES certificate clearly states that it was issued upon inspection of the ophthalmologist’s room, then no, it is not possible to obtain additional licenses.

However, if the SES act does not indicate which specialty it was issued in, but specifies only the address, you can try to apply for an additional license. However, in this case, we would advise you to turn to experienced lawyers for guaranteed success.

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Question: As experience shows, often an ophthalmologist doubles up several specialties: ophthalmology, children’s ophthalmology, surgery, diagnostics, etc. In addition, a nurse and, very often, an anesthesiologist always work hand in hand with an ophthalmologist. How does this affect the licensing process?

Answer: In such cases, it is important to ensure compliance with the requirements of the legislation that are put forward for each of the above specialties, namely:

  • the availability of specific equipment in the doctor’s room based on his specialty (the equipment will differ depending on the specialty);
  • compliance of the area of ??rooms with the license conditions, depending on the specialty of the doctor;
  • compliance with labor standards in terms of of the working day of each of the doctors (it is important to choose a work schedule for each of the doctors that will not exceed the maximum limits established by law).
Question: What should I do if it is necessary to get the current license amended? For example, when changing the address of the medical practice?

Answer: The legislator allocated a period of one month for such a procedure. In order not to receive a fine and not to lose a license, it is important to get the current permit document amended in a timely manner. With a properly executed license, the preparation of documents for making changes takes from several hours to a couple of days.

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The bottomline

The licensing process and subsequent amendments to the license require attention to many details.

Many people lose sight of the above details when preparing and submitting documents to the licensing authority on their own.

Professional lawyers act in a different manner. They:

  • examine in detail the incoming information and documents of the Client at an early stage in the process of obtaining a license, or making changes to an existing one;
  • help eliminate various “rough edges”;
  • help with collecting the missing documents;
  • advise on problematic issues, etc.

For more information regarding the licensing of medical practice for an ophthalmologist (including a children’s one), you can get in touch with us in any way convenient for you.

If you want to understand the process of applying for a license through your own effort, you can learn more information about it in our video material.

Publication date: 06/06/2019

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