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We helped our Client to get license for Eye Center

Licensing of ophthalmology centers in Ukraine

We were contacted by a Client, an ophthalmology center, for assistance in obtaining a medical license.

At the time of contacting our company, the Client had already received a conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological expertise certifying its premises compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. After reviewing the document we had found a number of shortcomings, namely:

  • The sanitary and epidemiological conclusion did not include the specialty of Health organization and management, which shall be specified for Chief Medical Officer and is required for the health care institutions to carry out their activity;
  • There was also no indication of the type of health facility. In our Client’s case, it was a medical center;
  • The Client’s registered office address coincided with its business address, however, there was a slight textual difference in the conclusion, which could result in rejection of a license application.

We also consulted the Client on the suitability of the ophthalmologist work status, as he intended to work only part time, combining a job at the center with work at the local clinic.

At the final stage of our cooperation we had to prepare a request for a repeated delivery of the Licensing Commission’s decision letter, because it was lost for unknown reasons, and we couldn’t wait anymore as it could threaten the Client’s economic activity.

Immediately after the official licensing decision was received, our lawyers handed over the payment documents to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and the Client obtained the license in the shortest possible time.


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