Helped Client with pre-licensing inspection of his drugstore in Ukraine

Legal support of pre-licensing inspection of drugstores in Ukraine

We were contacted by a Client wishing to obtain a license for retail sale of medicines in the shortest possible time (the Drugstore License), because the premises had already been rented, specialists were hired (it actually can’t be done in a different way - at the time of submission of the documents to the licensing authority the pharmacy, including its staff, must be fully prepared and ready to enter into operation).

The Client previously asked his fellow pharmacists how to obtain the Drugstore License in Ukraine and whether it was difficult to pass a pre-licensing inspection. It turned out that it is almost impossible to pass the inspection on the first attempt, because the inspectors usually check not only the documents, but even cleaning equipment.

Since the lawyers of our company have an extensive experience in preparing drugstores for pre-licensing inspections and obtaining the Drugstore Licenses, as well as know exactly how to set up a drugstore, they provided the Client with a comprehensive legal support and assistance in order to enable the future drugstore to enter into full operation, namely:

  • We advised the Client on the requirements to the drugstore and staff in accordance with the current law of Ukraine;
  • We have been consulting the Client throughout the whole period of our cooperation. The Client sought our advice even on the smallest details: about the volume of cleaning buckets, what it is better to sprinkle on icy drugstore steps: sand or salt, etc.;
  • We brought the drugstore’s internal documentation on the staff into compliance with the licensing regulations.

Thus, efforts of our lawyers allowed the Client to successfully pass the pre-licensing inspection and to obtain the Medical License in the shortest possible time. Our company has met the Client’s expectations to promptly start business activities, and therefore to avoid financial losses that the standing drugstore would incur due to payment of rent and wages to its employees.

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Publication date: 19/03/2014

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