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Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is a complicated and not always quick process, which can take from one or two months to several years, depending on the grounds and complexity. 

We help to get citizenship in Ukraine and different types of residence permits for more than 15 years. Today we will talk about the terms of obtaining citizenship - what you should expect, what the deadline is, what is extremely important to consider in advance.

Procedure for obtaining citizenship: terms of stages

Citizenship of Ukraine is issued in several stages:

  • the first is the filing of documents, checking them by the SMS and obtaining a decision on registration as a citizen of Ukraine or the relevant Decree of the President of Ukraine;

  • the second is obtaining a certificate that a person is registered as a citizen of Ukraine. This is an administrative service, which means that it requires payment of a state fee. If the registration of the certificate takes up to 30 working days, today it is 134,75 UAH, if it is urgent - up to 10 working days, i.e. in the double amount - 270,50 UAH;

  • the third is receiving of the temporary certificate of the citizen of Ukraine (issued for up to two years) and renunciation of the citizenship of his country;

  • the fourth is obtaining of the Ukrainian passport.

It should be noted that the third stage is sometimes not necessary, for example, when the renunciation of citizenship is automatic, or the corresponding declaration is filed. We have already provided detailed information about this here.

In accordance with the grounds for registration of Ukrainian citizenship there are different terms of verification of the submitted documents and making a decision on them.

Let's consider the main ones:

  • The longest processing of documents will be if you enter citizenship, that is, on the basis of the Decree of the President of Ukraine. The procedure consists of verification of documents by the migration service - up to eight months, and consideration by the Commission on Citizenship Issues (in the office of the President of Ukraine) - up to one year. Thus, there is approximately one year and eight months, but as practice shows, most often the term of consideration exceeds two years;

  • On average up to three months are given for citizenship checks, if you applied for citizenship by territorial origin (yourself or your close relatives were born or lived on the territory of Ukraine before August 24, 1991), in connection with adoption, guardianship or trusteeship, etc;

  • Three months are given for verification, if you submitted documents at birth (were born in Ukraine). But actually, due to the fact that in Ukraine thanks to digitalization these checks have been greatly accelerated, such cases are very often considered much faster.

You should also note that after you submit your documents, the Migration Service will check the documents you submitted and the grounds and requirements for granting citizenship. For example, records of birth or name change, court decisions, criminal records, grounds for permanent residence permit, etc.

As a result of such inspections, discrepancies, inaccuracies and other deficiencies may be discovered. In such a case, the applicant is notified of this fact in writing and given a period of up to two months to eliminate them. This period is not taken into account in the term of consideration of documents.

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In any case, the registration of citizenship of Ukraine requires patience, attentiveness and the ability to quickly engage in the situation, in order to correct everything in time. Our lawyers will help you to form a package of documents, and in the future will accompany the case, in time to correct all the differences, if any.

The cost of citizenship registration services - here. You can choose a package of services suitable for you or appeal to our specialists to form a personal cost of services.

Applying to professionals means saving your time and money because you will not have to waste time waiting in lines in state bodies, submit documents multiple times or spend money on unnecessary documents.

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Publication date: 08/04/2022

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